Solo King’s New Album is Deeply Personal and Unlike Anything, He has Ever Created

Soloman Bass V, who is better known by his stage name, Solo King, released his new album “Diary of A Mad Black Man: Devotion To Venom” on the 12th of November. Born in Milwaukee, the rising star has been a part of the music industry for 21 years and has come a long way since dropping his first-ever single in 2001 called “Rekindled”. The Solo King has transformed quite a bit since his “Solo forever” days, which used to be the artist’s former stage name.

Not only did he polish his skills as a vocalist and lyricist only but he also ventured into production, rapping and more. With this new album, Soloman Bass is all set to amaze his fans and even the critics for coming up with something equal parts original and personal.

The album “Diary of A Mad Black Man: Devotion To Venom” includes 12 tracks. Four of his already released singles include “Ooo Ooo”, “If I knew”, “Innocent”, and “Vitamin D”, which just recently dropped on the 27th of October, are all parts of the album.

The singer has also performed numerous times at the Miramar Theatre In Milwaukee and is well renowned in the region. His music will appeal particularly to those who are fans of Kanye West, Drake and the MO3. His newly dropped single “All too well” also debuted on YouTube with a music video where you can see the Solo King poignantly convey the feelings of his heart through his song.

Interestingly, the singer’s personal life is that he shares a very close bond with his mother. He further labelled her as his “childhood hero” during his interview, which proved that he is a king of music and relationships. Every day, we see successful people like him appreciate their parents for all their sacrifices so openly.

Now what to expect from the new album? Be prepared to be blown away! The artist has expressed that the album depicts a man’s feelings in a relationship, including love, anger, sadness and even grief. It talks about his personal view of relationships and the struggles therein. The album will impress the fans with its music and heart touching lyrics and brutal honesty.

The album marks the artist’s step out of his comfort zone and into greatness.

Solo lost his dad and rather than fall down a dark path, Solo used the unfortunate event as motivation and fuel to keep going. Solo’s dad was always a supporters of Solo and always motivated him to think outside the box. This has a huge role in the wonder man Solo has become today. Polo has been through a lot in life; more than most but always stays focused and never gives up. He never let his environment define him and has become very successful by trusting his judgment and being himself. We recommend you check out his music, and add him to your playlist today.

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