Social Currency Enterprises Releases Irrefutable Debut Compilation “Full House”

Building a career from the ground up is not always easy; but when you have the support of a team, anything is possible. Social Currency Enterprises is not your average label; from the CEOs to the artists, each person plays a pivotal part in one another’s success story. Unlike any other independent record label, SCE is putting both feet in to see their artists reach their full potential. Their debut compilation, Full House is a well-balanced irrefutable project that portrays the creativity of the artists as a collective and individually. From records such as “Stressing” to “Moving too Fast”; SCE combines multiple genres creating a new flavor of sound that the industry hasn’t seen before.

The Charlotte based label has put together a compilation of hit records from each artist, taking them straight out the mud. From HotBoy Shaq bringing a street rawness, that balances out the emotional realness of Tianis Rose to LittleJohn4K bringing about a contagious swag in her lyrics that, ZayTheGOAT portrays in his undeniable delivery.

“The creative thought process behind “Full House” was to make sure that we displayed all four artist as individuals; but still one group. If we can have ZayTheGOAT fans become Hotboy Shaq fans and so forth, then the compilation worked”

SCE Execs on the creative process of their debut compilation

As a collective, SCE encourages each artist to remain versatile when it comes to music. Every artist speaks on their rags to riches story; understanding that they’re becoming who they said they’d be. Calling on some of the hottest acts in rap today such as ToosiiRich Homie QuanYung Bleu, and Memphis’ own FastCash Jizzle & FastCash C-Money. This album elevates from average to prize winning!

Be sure to stream Social Currency Enterprises debut compilation album, Full House, below.

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