Snøw Seeks Answers On New ‘Demons Can;t Find Love’ Mixtape

Remaining a relevant force to be reckoned with, Snøw, the platinum alt-hip-hop returns with raved releases! His latest single “Heart Failure”, served as his last track leading up to the highly anticipated arrival of his Demons Can’t Find Love mixtape on March 31st. The 7-single mixtape makes for a great listen as it is no-skip-necessary. 

The popular project opens up with “Wxrds” while taking them right out of the listeners mouths as they are already hooked. Followed up by fan favorites “Wishful” and “Nothing Left”, the mixtape moves into the “Final Act” which brings fans to “A Ballad of Disregarded Prayers”. Looped into the Lo-Fi life of Snøw, he closes out with hit single “Heart Failure” before switching it up with his Spanish flow on “Pero Ya Paso” featuring Skinny Atlas.  If you’re a lover of the likes of rappers like XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, this project is for you. 

Snøw Skyrockets to Stardom With Lo-Fi Sound

With over 1.8 million monthly Spotify listeners, Snøw’s signature sound sheds light on lo-fi music and its genre. The Massachusetts-made musician stepped into the spotlight with his March 2018 trendy track, “Get You the Moon,” followed up by his June 2019 single, “Say Goodbye” which stamped his spot within the industry. From there’s been history. 

Most of his releases correspond of collaborations with other musicians along with melancholic and dimmed themes. His discography deals with motifs like relationships and life, with some containing somber melodies and others that differ. In fact, January 31, 2020, Snøw released his debut EP, Chronicles Of Snøw. Made up of sizzling singles, “A Song For Kaytlyn” and “ Torn Jeans”.

Since, the trailblazing talent has remained on the rise thanks to platforms like Tik Tok. As a result, he’s amassed over 1.5 billion streams and counting alongside a platinum release. So it’s clear that the Lo-Fi King and his huge following enjoy his Lo-Fi musical style. Despite his small-town roots, his popularity stretches far beyond his immediate surroundings.

Demons Can’t Find Love…

Furthermore, his most recent mixtape, Demons Can’t Find Love  will have you in a sonic chokehold. It speaks to the lost love souls who are just trying to find their way back. This relatable release will move the musical masses. Overall, Snøw’s self-taught talent defines him in terms of innovation and imagination in the music industry. Despite just being in the industry for a few years, Snøw has won the hearts of fans worldwide. In addition to the recognition and respect of many music moguls. Snøw’s skills will be showcased because to his versatile style and ability to attract crowds and followers. 

For now, get familiar with Snow by pressing play on his latest offering. Recently we caught up with the multifaceted musician and we were allowed to dig deep into his artistry and discover more about the striving star. Also be sure to add the Lo-Fi king to your playlist after checking out our conversation. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine

Snøw Sits With Minnee To Talk Music

  • Hey Snøw! Happy New Year! How’s it treating you thus far? First, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to speak with myself today on behalf of KAZI Magazine! Let’s jump right into all things Snøw although you’re heating the winter up! For fans both new and old, please tell us who Snøw is and where it all began for you?

“It started in my room at my mom’s house. That’s really where Snøw was created. If it wasn’t for my parents getting me guitars and pianos I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. Making music was just how I spent most of my time because I’m really a home body. So, whenever I was feeling some type of way, I’d just make music”.

  • Next, what’s your creative process like? Do you pen your music or punch in and out? 

“I usually write, but lately I have been punching in. I’m just trynna work more on freestyling so I think punching in is easier for that process”.

  • What keeps you creative? 

“There is constantly something to write about. I think I get inspired by all types of situations, like others’ stories or even movies, but mostly from my negative experiences”. 

  • Intrigued by your musical style, who or what influences you? What does your playlist look like? 

“My playlist honestly has everything. I really listen to all types of music”.

  • Also, your latest offering will lead into the arrival of your highly anticipated project, Demons Can’t Find Love mixtape. With that being said, what can listeners take away from this new project? 

“There’s not really any specific theme or story, but for me it’s just the idea that we let our demons cloud our judgement and get in the way of our happiness. So ultimately, it’s up to you to find your own happiness”.

  • The forthcoming project opens up with a featured single including Lakeland and Skinny Atlas. How did the collaboration come about? 

“We linked up in a penthouse in Chicago and just made music and hung out. We wanted to just chill for a few days and work together like we used to on past trips”.

  • Made up of six sizzling singles that move the masses, which record(s) are your personal favorite and why? 

“There are actually seven tracks on the mixtape. “A Ballad of Disregarded Prayers” was a song I made after I had already finished the project, but when I made this track, I got the feeling the mixtape was officially done and wasn’t missing anything”. 

  • Additionally, you switch up your style bringing both Spanish and English raved records on the new release. Which I loved! You wrap the project with a Spanish single, what were your thoughts when adding it to the tracklist?

“It was like the first song I had in mind for the project because it’s just so different from what I usually make and what I was aiming to do for this project”. 

  • Furthermore, eager to hear what exciting endeavors you have planned — what’s next for Snøw? 

“I’m gonna continue to drop music that’s self-produced and hopefully drop some music videos soon”.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“I’m super grateful to have you guys supporting me because without y’all I’d just be singing to myself”. 


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