Donald L. Watts II, internationally known as Sno0py Watts is a Professional Drummer, Producer, Engineer, and Entrepreneur currently based in Atlanta Georgia. The South Florida native’s works have earned the respect of many nations on his musical journey. His enterprise known as D2AG has touched the lives of many. D2AG means Dedicated To Achieving Greatness. Watts shared that D2AG’s mission is to inspire individuals to cultivate their passions/ gifts to share them not only with their family and friends; but around the globe. D2AG’s entities include a clothing line, drumstick company, record label, and production team. Moreover, Sno0py Watts is presently heating up the music charts with a song he produced entitled “Smoke” by artist MdotXcellent. The hard hitting single is track # 9 on the album “Scorpio SZN” by MdotXcellent. Sno0py Watts produces tracks with purpose and conviction. He’s a maestro on the beat. He has a cinematic vision with his music. As a music producer, he guides, coordinates, directs and inspires artists in a similar fashion as great filmmakers like Martin Scorsese directs films. Equally important, Sno0py Watts created music for the short film entitled “Mindf*cked.” The film by Jeffery “J-Squared” Jackson premiered on Revolt TV. To date, Sno0py Watts has toured over 70 countries throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and down under. This was all done while he produced music and toured with bands as the Musical Director as well. In fact, he’s landed endorsement deals with D2AG Drumsticks, InEarz Audio, and Soultone Cymbals. The grind continues, he’s also made appearances on televised networks like ABC7, The Suncoast News Network, Drumtalk TV, and more. Sources reveal that he’s just completed a winter tour with the BB King All-Star Band going throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Bali, Singapore and beyond. It’s safe to say that both Sno0py Watts’ and D2AG’s legacy will surely impact many nations and continue to thrive to new heights.


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