SNJÜ Releases “Glide & Swerve”

SNJÜ (@SNJUgalaxy) is Canada’s upcoming musical pride and joy. Now, he makes his return to the small screen in the Diego Joel-directed visual for “Glide & Swerve.” As inferred from the song’s title and depicted in the HD-clip for the Hark crafted cut, the DJ Booth-approved vocalist details a day in the life of a musician overcoming doubt and fear of failure with some help from Mary Jane.

SNJÜ on how the song came about

“This song was born a few years ago, pre-COVID, while I was on tour. It touches on that uneasy feeling all of us have when we’re in limbo; not where you used to be, but not where we want to be. I feel like presently, I’m better at not letting paranoid thoughts sneak in and I’m unapologetically just doing me. The chorus speaks to being carefree, gliding and swerving, feeling like you’re floating.”


Being a child of immigrants wasn’t carefree, but he had a solid home baseline. That steady beat skipped in grade four when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. When she died, SNJÜ was 17 years old. Her death was the beginning of what would become a theme of loss in his teens and early adulthood as other people close to him passed away. These cumulative knocks built up an urgency within SNJÜ to dedicate himself to his passion and purpose – music.

Watch the music video for “Glide & Swerve” after the jump and check out SNJÜ‘s previous release “Nobody Like You” | HERE.

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