Sneaky G Gets Feedback On “Good Fortune”

Sneaky G is one of the most innovative artists breaking his way into the music industry. He brings a reading and singing style of music that generated a high amount of attention throughout the media. Sneaky G is an aggressor within his work ethic when it comes to the process of making music. He has a phenomenal digital image when it comes to all of his social media. He also has a designer appearance through his work and personal life.

     The energy he brings within his music will attract you to the story being told. Sneaky G is ahead of the game and a lot of artists with the fact that he makes his own beats. His top priority as an artist is to build a genuine connection with his fans. Sneaky G has another project he is soon to release called, “Don’t Play Wit Me” and he plans to drop it in July. Sneaky G started during the interview, “Growing up I looked up to Bone Thugs N Harmony and they definitely influenced how I chose to rap in the beginning which was faster at that tongue twister pace.” He also said that in his free time he still does music.

     Sneaky G explains the process of making his music and stated that sometimes he could spend hours on one song but sometimes it varies. “It really depends on what kind of song I’m doing” He expounded. Later within the interview Sneaky G states that he believes that his weak point is being a perfectionist and sometimes over-thinks the song rather if it’s the production or writing process. He usually has only a 2 person entourage within the studio to really lock in and focus. We asked him what his favorite Lyrics were from one of his songs and he stated, “I’m determined to be more than just a black boy” from a song titled “Want it all”. He further explained, “I don’t just want to be another black male existing in America and I want to be a black male that can make a difference to inspire and motivate others across the world”.

     Sneaky G recorded his first song when he was 8 years old. He wants to see himself grow a larger fan base and perform to open for some of his favorite artists. We asked him if he could do a feature with any artist who it would be and he stated that it would be drake. “I don’t feel like we would be limited to certain types of songs”. Sneaky G got his artist name when he was a child.

     “My friends used to call me Sneaky G and I just stick with it”. He stated that he wants to expand his career by getting involved with films and screenwriting. He wants to let every upcoming artist know that you should never give up on your dream no matter what it is and that this mind set is one of the keys to success. He said that you have to be persistent and consistent if you want to prosper. He also wants to know what it feels like to sell out an arena and go on a major tour.

     “It feels good being an artist now with social media and all those other platforms that allow you to connect with your fans from places that you have never been to”. He further elaborates that having these tools gives you the power to have the world at your fingertips. Sneaky G stated that he dedicates a lot of time in the studio working on music. He feels that he spends more time than a lot of artists that are in the industry today. He says that he enjoys the process of making music. “I went to school for engineering at Full Sail so I like the mixing part” He stated during the interview. One innovative talent Sneaky G has is having the ability to play the piano.

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