Smoke Bulga Is MMG’s Newest Signee

Smoke Bulga is putting on for Boston in a significant way. After almost 11 years in the making, he has joined the Maybach Music Group label. He and Rick Ross have a long documented history. Their respect for each other goes beyond music. Back in 2010, he, Ross, and Masspike Miles dropped an impressive record entitled “We Made It”. The track left a lasting impression on Rozay, and Smoke Bulga always kept in contact with him. Fast forward to today, Smoke just unveiled his new single “Water Whip’N (feat Rick Ross)”. This track comes with the corresponding music video for the song that includes cameo appearances from Fat Joe, N.O.R.E, and Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban.

Many artists in the industry are incredibly young. Therefore, a lot of creatives get discouraged if they do not gain a lot of traction early. This is not the case for Smoke Bulga. He stayed the course, and now he is living his wildest dreams. During our insightful conversation, Bulga explained his come-up in Boston, his relationship with Rick Ross, and his forthcoming music. Real is rare, and Smoke Bulga is 1 of 1. Coming off the success of his latest Black Rob-sampled single, “Water Whip’N”, Smoke Bulga is on his way to success.

AD: Please introduce yourself to those who do not know Smoke Bulga is.

Smoke Bulga: To the world, everywhere! I am Smoke Bulga, MMG, a new artist from Boston. Boston is the city of champions. You have to have endurance because making it from here is a marathon, not a sprint. I am just one of the first to open the door, but we have a lot of artists from here.

AD: You just signed to Rick Ross, explain how that feels?

Smoke Bulga: Being one of the first to sign to MMG in a while means a lot. I feel like I am joining a super team. The label has already been established for greatness. I want to carry on the prestigiousness that has been set by Ross, Wale, and Meek Mill.

AD: You have been cool with Ross for over a decade, why is now the right time to start?

Smoke Bulga: The relationship has been cultivated over time. Ross is so down to earth, no matter how much he is worth. He sees the grind and the hunger and always wants to help people out like that. It’s a blessing to be a part of MMG. I am honored to have a mentor like Ross, who can teach me how to grow musically and in business.

Smoke Bulga

AD: Your new song Water Whip’N is a heater. RIP black Rob! That is a legendary sample. Please, explain how it came together.

Smoke Bulga: Me and Ross had recorded this record to another beat. I sent it to my producer, and he made some changes that made the song even more robust. When I heard the Black Rob sample and Ross’ opening lyrics, I knew what it was. I called the boss, Rozay, and he loved it.

AD: You have cameos from hip hop legends in the video. What does that feel like?

Smoke Bulga: It was crazy how it came about. God was looking out. I have to thank my ancestors and Ross for sure because the whole day was a dream come true. Ross told me I needed to be in Miami in 10 hours, and I was not ready at all, but I just trusted his word. He would send me addresses, and I just knew it was about to be a movie. I have seen Ryan Snyder there and some exotic whips. I knew it was a vibe.

After that, we went to the legendary Prime 112. Ross had the table laid out with all of the most incredible foods. We shot the video and then went onto the balcony. While we were there, we saw Fat Joe and N.O.R.E. downstairs, and Ross said to keep the cameras rolling. It couldn’t have happened any better than that. I cannot forget my MMG family and the legendary Jonathan “Foodgod” Cheban.

AD: What do you want people to take from your music?

Smoke Bulga: Depending on their mood, I want them to have various songs to choose from. I want to be able to tap into all of those moods. I want them to learn and also be able to grow with it. Furthermore, I am an avid reader, so I appreciate lessons in just about everything. Moreover, I want my music to be like the 48 Laws Of Power in audio form. Understand me. I want people to hear me from Boston to Budapest.

Smoke Bulga

AD: Who inspires you as an artist?

Smoke Bulga: A lot of people that inspired me are coming up. I always tell people I learned from the Rap Gods. Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas. These guys laid the foundation down. We can name artists all day. Those 4 have everything that I feel like a rapper should encompass. Then today’s acts like Rick Ross and Drake inspire me a lot. All of the greats. I make music with their approval in mind. I take pride in authenticity. That is what I am looking to bring to the game.

AD: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Smoke Bulga: I want everyone to be on the lookout for my project. It will be entitled 100 Million Ain’t Enough. This is going to be like my 4th Quarter jumper to close the year out. I need everyone to be tapped into that.

Follow Smoke Bulga on social media and check out his latest single, Water Whip’N featuring music’s biggest boss Rick Ross today!

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