“Slow” But Smooth With Levi Bloom

“Slow” Budding Flower of good music by Levi Bloom.

Levi Bloom takes the cool and scenic route in talking through everyday situations about relationships. In his latest single “Slow,” Levi speaks about his perspective through with easy going melodic vocals.

It’s bright and cheery, which makes your daily mood a bit happier per listen. However, don’t confuse that with corny as few people might; Levi adds some sizzle to his tone with in depth context about love.

To go along with the audio is a dope video. It adds a unique twist on the single. It’s Cole Bennet-ish with a original setting in a suburban neighbor with a few cool effects.

A perfectly diverse for long car rides with friends and definitely sets the vibe for parties in the club; this edgy and fun charismatic visual makes the perfect accompaniment for the single.

Young, ready and anything opposite of ordinary, rising indie rap artist Levi Bloom is a powerful force emerging onto the music scene.

Born and raised in the Midwest, Levi Bloom’s distinctive yet compelling sound is a blend of a Rap and Pop Urban creating a unique mix with high-energy influences. Knowing that context, it explains why “Slow” is so fast to be catchy to my mind!

If you being a bit “Slow” to hit your weekend brunch, you might as well put this single on play via your favorite DSP.

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