Skip Waiters Releases Sizzling LP, ‘Streams of Consciousness’

Trailblazing to the top is none other than Toronto tastemaker, Skip Waiters! Following up his fresh find of his Rolling Stone and Live Nation acclaimed mixtape, Personal Stereo (2021), Skip returns with his most recent release. Skip Waiters delivers fans his debut album Streams of Consciousness (SOC). 

His latest offering SOC shines light on a variety of topics related to growing up Black in Toronto, CA across several therapy sessions. When it comes to the significance behind his standout drop Skip Waiters goes on to say: 

Skip Waiters Speaks On SOC

Streams of Consciousness is about me as an artist and human trying to find myself, and navigating life through therapy, conversations & song. I’m searching for understanding which I gain leading to the last song of the album, it’s a 3 part album to let the listener know that therapy isn’t a one-time deal and requires ongoing maintenance.” 

The focus track, “Mothers Basement ” serves as a relatable record that many of us have experienced. The raced record refers to the complacency, living under your parent’s roof comes with. A comfort that could be crippling if you allow it. In doing so, one will lack the motivation to chase their dreams because life lacks hardships when you always have your parents to fall back on. 

Moving On From “Mother’s Basement”

SOC comes as his second installment of the year and we are still in the first quarter. Since stepping into the spotlight, Skip has risen to prominence. Honing his craft in his hometown, the standout star is touching the hearts and ears of the East Coast as well. In 2022, Skip unleashed two enthralling EPs, MP3 Player and Compact Disc which continue to stack up streams across all streaming platforms. 

Laced with responsive lyricism, the 16-track project also includes appearances from Divine Lightbody and Shann Abderdeen. Don’t believe me? Press play on the popular project below. First, be sure to check out our door interview as we had the pleasure of chopping it up with Skip Waiters. 

Skip Waiters Shows Love To KAZI Magazine In Celebration Of New LP

  • Hey Skip Waiters! How are you doing? Thank you so much for chopping it up with me today on behalf of KAZI Magazine! What’s been new since the release of “Bully” — your final installment ahead of the LP? 

I’m doing pretty good! I’ve been a fan of KAZI Magazine for quite some time, it’s an honor. Since “Bully” I’ve just been gearing up for my album release, that I’m releasing on my birthday as a gift to myself and others aha, so I have my blinders on right now.

  • Thank you! It’s a pleasure to have you here. We are a fan! Super excited about your upcoming release, can you tell us a little bit about it? What inspired you to create Streams of Consciousness?

The inspiration came from personal life experiences, but the process of creating this project just became a therapeutic outlet for me. It’s a challenge for me to write music that doesn’t come from a real place, with that realization I wanted to explore a bit deeper after previously releasing my mixtape personal stereo. 

  • For this project, did you pen everything beforehand, punch in and out, or a mixture of both? 

I don’t think I’ve ever wrote a song without hearing the instrumental first aha. I need sounds to trigger my emotions more often than not.. the odd times, I would punch in and out for moments that don’t require a complex thought process though. 

  • Let’s get into the cover art, track-list design & overall aesthetic! Loving it! With such an eye-catching yet nostalgically enticing feel of the cover art, may I ask what inspired its creation?

I’ve always been into animation/anime! I think that’s where the inspiration comes from initially. Growing up watching shows like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto & Boondocks. I wanted something intriguing to the eyes, but at the same time feel familiar while keeping everything within the same world in regards to aesthetics. 

Step Into The Streams Of Consciousness

  • Streams of Consciousness: The masterpiece — made up of 16 raved records, can you walk us through your creative process for this particular piece. Where did the ideas come from, how were they transformed in your mind?   

I’ve had a very interesting life to say the least aha. All these stories are events that happened in my life, I was trying to figure out a way to convey multiple stories without it feeling random.. I didn’t want to come across as being scatterbrained, so I had the idea of centering these songs around conversations I would have with a therapist. 

  • Wow that’s moving and inspiring, really.In fact, you utilized your most recent release to parallel the concept of therapy. In doing so, I love how you walk your listeners through 3-part project like a series of sessions. Nonetheless, what does therapy and mental health mean to you? 

Therapy means everything to me, in some cases it’s the determining factor between life & death for some people. A lot of suicides and broken relationships could be prevented by just having a safe space to express yourself. Having a solid conversation with an unbiased perspective goes a long way. Mental health isn’t taken seriously in the black community, it’s unfortunate because mental health is just as important as physical. One of my missions is to normalize that within my community.

  • Throughout most creation processes there’s a lot of revisions. With that being said, what did you start with and how did you refine these beginnings into the finished work of art?

To be honest what you see is what you get with this project. I didn’t refine anything in terms of song writing. I kinda wanted it to be as raw and imperfect as possible, because life isn’t perfect, I’m a firm believer that art should imitate life.

  • I’d like to thank you for sharing a private listen with me as I really enjoyed! From the LP I have a few favorites such as “Conversations”, “Bully” of course, “Be Honest”, and a couple of others. With that being said, I have to ask. I know this may be tricky, but from your final tracklist which track(s) are a personal favorite and why? 

I would have to say “Amiyahs House”. I made that song when my daughter was born, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and having her on the record is a moment that will live forever. When she gets older she can listen back and know how I felt in real time. “The Past Goes Fast” is another favorite of mine just being able to honor my mother through song, and reaching a place where I lay everything down to reach that light at the end of the tunnel. I’m a big fan of The B Side Records, there are the moments where your soul is fed.

  • Blessings! That’s beautiful. Also, what’s your favorite verse from off the project?  

The verse on “The Past Goes Fast” is definitely my favorite, it was my eureka moment. I remember playing it for a friend, it was the first time I’ve seen someone cry from a song I made 

  • With its highly anticipated release, what are you most excited for fans to experience? 

I just want fans to know they’re not alone. I’m excited for them to experience another layer of Skip as the human & not Skip as the artist if that makes sense.

What’s Next?

  • Remaining conscious, how did you come to realize that music was the way forward for you? 

It’s something I love to do, it’s one of the few things I can do with or without a pay cheque being attached to it, but I also look at it as a vehicle to open doors for other creative endeavors I would like to pursue in the future 

  • Also, many may not know, but you’re from Toronto. Trailblazing to the top from Ontario, in what ways has Canada shaped your craft and career? 

Being from Toronto made me more expressive as an artist. Coming from a city where, unfortunately, you need to leave in order to make it, forces you to be more unique to peek the interest from outside your hometown

  • Furthermore, I am eager to hear more… what’s next for Skip Waiters in 2023? 

I’ve been working on the final piece to this trilogy series, Personal Stereo was the caterpillar,  Streams of Consciousness was the cocoon, and now we’ll be entering the butterfly stage

  • Whew! That’s amazing and I know I’m excited for what’s to come. Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

I just want to pose this question… are we humans having a spiritual experience? or are we spirits having a human experience? That will make sense in time aha 


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