SkDavidBaby is creating waves in the industry

The past two years have been incredibly essential to artists in getting their craft seen by more individuals. However, SkDavidBaby has been on an upward trajectory well before some of these new artists. At just age 5, SkDavidBaby expressed his passion for the rap industry, rapping for individuals like Master P in the calliope projects at a second line event. While he may have been young, Sk recalls that this was the beginning of his passion for rapping. Among his first performances, he claims that some of his early inspirations include Birdman, Slim, Lil Wayne, Curren$y, Kanye West, Drake, Jay Z, and Young Thug. 

Fast forward to 2018, Sk dropped his first-ever project named “GENTRILLY,” opening up to his listeners, giving more personal lyrics to express his early struggles, and now recent success. Sk has developed his sound with his latest songs, “Drip Everyday” and “Whitney Houston ft Veeze.” Sk most recently announced the upcoming drop of his album “California Lifestyle 2”. It will contain features from some of the most significant artists such as Curren$y, Veeze, Ralfy The Plug, Desto Dubb, and Lil B. Fans are waiting anxiously for his next album drop in anticipation that this could be the one that genuinely puts Sk on the map. 

With over 2 million streams, SK is indeed up next; his numbers have spoken for themselves. With his upcoming project, he is sure that his recognition and base will continue to grow. In 5 years, we can expect SK to be among the youngest, most prominent record label CEOs from New Orleans with some of the greats like Birdman and Master P. Sk is on his way to the mainstream industry through a unique flow and innovation in the industry. Sk is an artist to watch, and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next for this young artist. 

SK’s visuals for his song “Super Freestyle”

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