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Sinsier Taps Into Hip Hop Nostalgia With “199X:Nostalgia”

Check out’s 199x:nostalgia along with Sinsier’s acumen of hip hop.

Maryland emcee Sinsier dropped his latest project titled 199X:Nostalgia recently and it spawned some thoughts in my head. He, as a musician, knows hip hop on multiple levels, so I took the project for what it is, and seen where is hip hop acumen is. His project is very good, definitely worth a listen. 199X:Nostalgia is a 7 track EP which covers a series of decades of hip hop trends. There I decided to pick his brain for hip hop knowledge background to see what influenced the making of 199X:Nostalgia.

What is your favorite era of hip hop?

My favorite era of hip-hop would be the late 90s and mid-2000s.

How has each era influenced your writing and lyrics? Specifically for 199x:Nostalgia?

The 90s taught me flow and how to write what’s real and speak from the heart, for example, Nas and Illmatic. His flow was untouched on that album. He spoke about what was taking place around him he was real transparent and speaking from the heart. The 2000s taught me how to write and open my mind creatively. I listened to Outkast, Eryka Badu, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, and Missy Elliot specifically. These are just some of the artist who’s creativity help pushed my pen into more than one direction. All of this blended in beautifully for my latest project.

Who is your favorite artist from each decade and why?

From the 90s decade, it is Tupac Shakur for sure. Tupac is the reason I learned half of the things I took in. That is just from watching him speak and drop so much wisdom in music and interviews. For the 2000s, Jay Z, people forget Jay was the underdog for a long time no labels wanted him. yes, he had money from the street sales but that came with risks. Jay also took off in his late 20s.

In the current Era, Kendrick and the Late Great Nipsey Hussle. Kendrick Lamar because he did it his way he didn’t comprise his sound to fit in with what everybody else is doing. He is the greatest rapper of the current generation. Nipsey for his business acumen and the gems he gave in his interviews. His interviews then I went to the music and was like this the sh*t I love right here. I was drawn towards his leadership traits.

What is your opinion of the evolution of hip hop?

I think hip hop is in a good but weird space. I only say that because the entertainment side has now been the main criteria. It’s a lot of trolling and overcompensating for attention. I think It also has evolved into something we been knew the #1 genre in the world minus the bullsh*t, hip hop has evolved into a beautiful thing. Especially if you know your business.

Sinsier channels and balances different eras of hip hop in 199x:Nostalgia.

What is your plan to add to the legacy of hip hop?

My plan is to make a impact straight out the gate just like the ones who influenced me coming up did. I know it won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it. I don’t mean copying their style and how they did it. More so learning the game they taught me and move accordingly. Doing so will hopefully builds my legacy in a legendary music genre.

Where do you see it Hip Hop 5 years?

Hip hop in 5 years will most definitely be different. It’s going be geared towards saying something again I believe. A new sound might emerge as well. YBN Cordae is an example of what rap may look like. I also see the streaming services becoming labels because record labels won’t last long especially with the new independent wave. Why sign to a label when I can build my leverage up and work with brands myself. Also, signing exclusive deals with Tidal, Apple, or Spotify. Of course, somebody is going to come along and figure it all out. Overall, Hip Hop is most definitely going be good in 5 years.

Stream 199X:Nostalgia

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