Singer Izzy La Reina Talks About Her Upbringing And Inspirations

Our ambition should be to rule ourselves. Definite progress is to know more, to do more, and be more. But when do we start realizing that we have potential? What happens when you start living your dream? Izzy La Reina believes that having great ambition is the passion of a motivated person. Those endowed with it will inevitably perform good acts depending on the principles that direct them.

She is a dancer and singer who is consistency and perseverance seem to be her secret, but there is more to her path to success. Izzy La Reina noticed the cues that directed her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Her upbringing cultured and instilled a desirable level of discipline in her. Aspects that have forced her to create an ambiance of determination in everything that she does.

Izzy La Reina started singing in church when she was 8 years old, and by the age of 14, she was doing it professionally. It is at this time that she released her first single “How Can It Be,” a song that she wrote herself. The performance ignited and increased her confidence. She knew that she was talented and could achieve anything. The same admiration was shown by her father, who consistently reminded her that she is a brilliant musician. He was also an artist who strived to teach her the dynamics of the industry.

One of the best things that characterized Izzy La Reina’s childhood was the Christianity virtues that were imposed on her by her parents. She knew that God had chosen her to do great things at a very young age. The religious cues that she sustained triggered a drive within her, to be more ambitious. As she grew older, Izzy La Reina realized that her songs were an opportunity to share with the world everything that guided her footsteps to have a dominant personality. She is using her influence to teach younger generations about the importance of spirituality in yielding personal fulfillment. This was her dream!

She insists that her dad, life struggles, and teenage dreams are the source of her inspiration. But she also acknowledges some pop music personalities that she admires, such as Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Jennifer Lopez. Specifically, Beyonce is the epitome of female greatness in the music industry. A real revelation that there is power in being consistent with your ambitions. Izzy La Reina has always wanted to replicate the success of these artists, and she is doing it. She signed her first music deal while still in Brazil, and now, she has been endorsed by a reputable label company that is nurturing her talent.

Izzy La Reina is living in the ambiance of her teenage dreams. She has used three things to get to this level- initiative, ambition, and talent. Her progress will be proof to many who seek motivation to become better creatives.

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