Sin City Rapper 88N8 Checks In With His Impressive Debut Project

First impressions are vital. It’s something your parents and every single school teacher tells you from the moment you’re old enough to understand: You only get one chance to make a first impression. So when cats like Las Vegas rapper 88N8 completely deliver on debut projects like, Revenge of the Regulars, it always makes their teachings seem validated.

Sporting a serene message and a stout tracklist, Revenge, is an album that touches on the irregularities of coming into your own. While everybody has this image and portrayal of how you’re supposed to be in their heads, the journey to salvation is the light you’ve created for yourself, and in order to see that light, you’ve got to be completely unapologetic about it. Growth is uncomfortable, but necessary, is essentially my main takeaway from the project.

Listen to the album below and get familiar with 88N8.

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