Simon Blaze with the new mix “roll up”

Simon Blaze has been in the stu cooking up something new, releasing “Roll Up” with ILLiJah and Rashon J. He must have used some good spices because “Roll Up” is nothing but heat, and that isn’t conjecture.

The first thing you should know if you’re unfamiliar with Simon Blaze is that he’s not stateside. Simon spent his time in the early 90s growing up in the streets of Germany instead. It was here he found his love for hip-hop and R&B. This lead him to start remixing songs. Through trial and error, he started setting his horizons higher and higher. Eventually moving into creating melodies at beats. But what good is a beat with no lyrics to enrich it? This ultimately brought Simon using the internet to work with some revered artists like David Correy, Yung Berg, and King Los just to name a few.

It might be kismet intertwined with music or Simon’s ardor for music but it was around this time Simon Blaze took center stage with his vocals releasing his first single “MaryJane” featuring Rob D 510 in 2017. It was a big hit, so with panache and swiftness a few weeks later Simon released his biggest hit yet “The Feeling” the same year, with it hitting more than 26 million streams. In August 2020 Simon signed a Maine-based singer ILLiJah known for his hit “On My Way” to Gentlemaniacs Records. This leads us to Simon’s newest release “Roll Up”.

With the signing of ILLiJah, Simon brought in Rashon J to solidify the lyrics. The song itself was written for Canadian model Riley Sawyer and featured Young Chrigga. The original song featured ILLiJah as well, but sadly the song didn’t hit its intended marks. Simon, seeing the quality took the mantle and decided to give it the Simon Blaze treatment by remixing it and producing a fresh new breath of a beat.

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