Sienna Sage Takes You on A Tropical Getaway In Her Latest Single “Oni Oni”

Sienna Sage takes you on a trip to the islands in her latest track “Oni Oni.” The singer pays homage to her Trinidadian roots as the track name translates from patois meaning “only, only”. “Oni Oni” is all about the fun that comes with being flirtatious and wanting to get to know your crush.

Even though the single was released on streaming platforms in February, Sage is keeping the momentum going with the drop of the tracks music video. The visual is colorful and vibrant as Sage is serenading and dancing around with her love interest.

Sienna Sage is an R&B singer whose music is a blend of pop fusion with a hint of soulful ballads. Born to Trinidadian and Filipino parents, her family migrated from Trinidad to the United States in the late 2000s. The Atlanta-based songstress started releasing her own music in 2020 and plans to release more singles throughout this year.

Check out the “Oni Oni” video below.

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