Shuxx Mills, Toronto’s Low key Hitter

Toronto’s Shuxx Mills is a refreshing addition to the city’s expansive hip hop scene. Brought up in the Don Mills neighborhood of North Toronto; his sound takes a hard-hitting approach to storytelling reflective of where he comes from. With a handful of releases to date and a growing fanbase Shuxx Mills is poised to lead the new sound; coming to the global stage. Being the low-key scout of talent; I decided to chat a bit with the upcoming star from Drake’s home!

Explain Toronto’s influence on Shuxx

From the music side of things, Toronto’s significant influence on me having such an extensive range of artists from the city keeps me motivated and always working towards something better. The city has a certain sense about it, from the way we talk to the way we act, and it’s what makes the sound up here so distinct and creates the type of artists that seem to dominate on the world stage.

How has 2021 been treating you?

2021 seems to be a slightly milder 2020 so far; we still have many restrictions here in Toronto, so I’ve continued to treat it as a blessing in disguise and stayed in the studio. I have been working on much new music and finding ways to connect with my supporters and put out content. As of now, I’m just looking to push my latest release, BUCKS, and prepare for the next one.

Top three influences?

My top three influences are more collectives and labels than individuals, from TDE, ASAP MOB, and Pro Era. I just appreciated the style of rap being put out and the aesthetic of each member. That creativity and appeal are what I’m looking to put out as an artist.

What influenced the track?

On BUCKS, I would say the influence derives from what I’ve been hearing coming out of the DMV, the whole MarinoGang collective, and artists such as Goonew, Lil dude, Cheecho are some talents I’ve been getting inspired off of out there. I’ve been watching the come up and enjoying their work. So on BUCKS, once I had the beat, it seemed to click for me, the flow came naturally, and the cadence of my voice just made what you hear on that record.

Plans for 2021?

For 2021 I’m looking to release more music, my team and I have been in the studio for months now and have built a catalog that I’m ready to put out; now it’s about release dates and shooting the videos. I’m looking to grow my brand HNTRS Club. Further, we have merch on the way and content with the entire squad dropping shortly, so this year will be busy.

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