Shurland Ayers Releases New Track “Stuck In Ya Wayz”

Shurland Ayers is a Tokyo-based performer who’s not limited to one particular genre. His sound is multifaceted, fusing many genres, sounds, and influences simultaneously. His continuous drive for creativity and perseverance have shined through on his latest track, “Stuck In Ya Wayz.”

“Stuck In Ya Wayz” has a melodic instrumental that flows in and out with 808s to create a unique sound to match Shurland’s vocals. In the song, he talks about a girl who was stuck in her ways and played around with him the whole time, something a lot of us can relate to.

“Stuck In Ya Ways” is the first release of 2021 for the young artist Shurland Ayers. Don’t be surprised when you see his name at the top of the charts.

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