Shontel Greene Shares Her Testimony

Showing up and showing out for the DMV area is none other than Baltimore’s Empress — Shontel Greene! Sharing her story with the world, you can catch her on BET’s American Gangster: Trap Queens which chronicles her life as a former American gangster (Drug dealer). Turning pain into power, Greene has overcome a difficult and traumatic childhood. Like the rose that bloomed from the concrete, Shontel used her struggles to become a woman of distinction. Remaining focused, dedicated, and educated, Shontel has built her empire. From the streets to one of the most successful entrepreneurs.

Shontel Greene’s childhood was filled with hardship and trauma until the age of 14. She took on the burden of her family at a young age, so she was focused on making money. Despite being a hardworking nurse, her mother later became addicted to drugs. Her intravenous drug use caused her to become ill, and she unfortunately passed away of AIDS. All of this made Shontel Greene’s life difficult to manage, so she turned to the dope game. She believed it was the best way to earn money quickly and easily in order to manage her financial situation. Faced with a $3,000 eviction notice, determined to save her mother and her home and maintain her studies, no other option was available for her.

Shontel Greene Is A True American Gangster!

After multiple arrests, a dangerous doping game in which she was subjected to robberies, being shot, kidnapped, and facing numerous other difficulties, she finally realized that education is more important. Greene began to concentrate on her studies, eventually earning two master’s degrees and a doctorate in nursing practice. Aside from her other multimillion-dollar businesses, she founded Nursez R Us, which has grown to become one of Maryland’s largest healthcare employers. This American Trap Queen turned serial entrepreneur has now become a role model for many young people with goals and aspirations. Particularly those who have had a difficult upbringing like hers.

Staying booked and busy, Shontel plans to publish details of her journey in her book “Mastermind”. Set to arrive later this year, her goal is to share her story and inspire others. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself by checking out our dope interview. Here at KAZI Magazine, we had the pleasure of chopping it up with the B-More Empress! 

Shontel Greene Interview

  • Hey Shontel! Thank you so much for speaking with me today on behalf of KAZI! Before we jump into our interview, let’s bring it back to the beginning. For those who may not know, who is Shontel Greene and where it all began?!

Well it began a long time ago when I was 14 years old. I got kind of trapped into the streets. Then a lot went wrong because I had two drug addicted parents and made a lot of mistakes but I turned my life around. And I went from Trap queen, as I did appear on Trap Queens to one of the largest entrepreneurs in the state of Maryland. Yeah, so my motto, is that I’m a product of change. When you describe me, that’s the key to describe me.

  • Overcoming a rough upbringing, what coping mechanisms did you use to stay focused and push forward for today’s next generation? 

Well, I’m going to say I used going back to school, I want to thank the school and education. Because through My trials and tribulations, I knew the only way I could change and be the person I wanted to become was to get an education. So I went back to school, winded up getting an associates of art bachelor’s degree to Master’s degree, and I’m PhD bound 2023. So that was my coping mechanism was to overcome what everybody said I will be —everybody said I will be nothing. So I had to make myself into something. So I focused on what everybody said, and beat the odds!

The Story of A Trap Queen

  • Would you say it was hard being vulnerable and highlighting your story for the masses? 

“ No, actually Trap Queens was a great outlet. A lot of things that I held inside I was able to release. Also a lot of whispers are answered. Because I live in a town that is small. Everybody knows me. So they whisper. So the good thing is, if you want to know look at Trap Queens! Read my book. So that way, you’re not in suspense. You’re not listening to the rumors. I’m giving it to you — the truth.”

  • Many may know you from your appearance on the big screen on BET Plus’ American Gangster: Trap Queens series. With that being said, what was the biggest take away from that experience for you? 

I can breathe after the show.

  • From balancing the spotlight to helping all though healthcare, what would you say is the biggest misconception about you and why? 

People think I’m a certain way, and I’m really not. I’m the type of person that I come from nothing. I’m a Woman. So I’ve been through all the struggles that women and men go through and I want all women to win. No, offense to men, but I want every woman to win. Because I know how hard it is being the mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, whatever. But people look at me and they think otherwise.

Healing Through Healthcare

  • Black women in the health industry are significant especially for our families; what does family mean to you?

Family is everything. The sad part, most families are not like they’re supposed to be. My family is all torn up. But I try to do the best that can I do for my family when I can. But it’s always that one family member that kind of keeps you divided. I think family is very good for support and everything else. I know for me, sometimes I don’t get it. But I’m cool with that.

  • What inspired “Nursez R Us” and who have you serviced thus far?
  • As a black businesswoman, what do you want to see differently amongst your peers on TV ?

Unity. That we are stronger together than apart. People don’t realize that though, but we really are.

  • Speaking on Unity… please tell us some of the charitable things you’ve done in the community and/or for others?

I do a lot. I had galvanized water pipes installed in my old neighborhood because the water bills in my old neighborhood were really high. And elderly people couldn’t afford to pay their water bills. I did a bookbag giveaway. COVID hit so the last three years I haven’t did it…But I usually have this program. It’s called Everybody Eats On My Birthday! So what I do is, I shut downtown down. I make sure all the homeless people eat. So when I eat lobster and shrimp, so do they. They eat five star meals. I get caterers, trucks, while we black the street off so that whatever I eat, they can have.

  • Also, your daughter is a rapper; how did you support her career? And what are your thoughts on female rap in this new generation?

Well the good thing about the mother part, is that my daughter is 32. So at 32, she’s just going on about her business. So that’s the good part. She’s always on her business so she doesn’t always have time for me. You know, it’s not enough hours in the day. I just take it day by day. Like you can never finish everything in just one day. Now, that’s just impossible.

  • As a public figure, mother, advocate, entrepreneur, scholar and so much more — how do you balance all of those hats so gracefully? 

You know, it’s not enough hours in the day. I just take it day by day. Like you can never finish everything in just one day. Now, that’s just impossible. 

  • What advice do you have for working women? 

Take it day by day. Nothing good comes easy. So don’t get discouraged. People think that they achieved something and they’re supposed to get instant gratification. It does happen. 

Also know if you’re trying to pursue something, you have 1000 obstacles in your way, don’t quit. Another thing I’m noticing with myself, everybody is trying to like, take me down, because I made it. They can’t take my success. Keep fightint to keep you alive. So the more you grow and the bigger you are, the bigger your fish get. You have to always be prepared to fight. Right that fish, sad to say. That’s the business world. When I was small, it was cool. Now I’m big and it’s a problem.

What’s Next?

  • What’s next for you for the remainder of 2022 going into 2023? 

I pitched a couple shows. I’ve been talking to different networks actually have a show me pitch now is called Boston Baltimore. There’s about Section six young women. And we were some of us was in foster care. Unfortunately of my girlfriends lived through rape her entire life. So then we all were able to open up multimillion dollar businesses. So it’s like a pain to power reality show where we’re building things together. Building became our outlet. So we put on our construction hats, which one of my girlfriend does do. So she’s teaching us. Instead of going to a therapist and all that, we putting it into that and putting shit up.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Basically, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t ever quit. If it’s something that you want, go get it! You can have anything you want. Just gotta keep at it.

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