Shimmy Choo Release “Underdog 3”

shimmy choo does it again with his new release UNDERDOG 3 ,Shimmyhoo a new york native and artist has been applying pressure throughout the years consistently dropping music and content. IN 2017 Shimmy made headlines as he dropped his first underdog album that included 7 tracks. As the underdog album is growing shimmy landed a SOLD OUT TOUR IN BELO horizonte brazil in which he performed the whole underdog album for 8,000 people. Shimmy notariary grew tremendously as he was one of the few artists to actually travel overseas to get his message heard. Fast Forward to 2018 Shimmy had his 2nd sold out show at the infamous SOBS in nEW YORK CITY 

“SHIMMY CHOO & FRIENDS” which was a big success as he had multiple upcoming artists from New york city join the stage with him. Shimmy is showing how we could all come together and change the tone of the music industry. 

Not so long after the sold out sobs show Shimmy releases UNDERDOG 2 a very motivation driven project but it seems as he still feels like the underdog. Shimmy reason behind the title was that no matter how hard he worked he still got overlooked. Underdog 2 released on december of 2019 and at that very moment the masses knew that kid was up to something special. As the pandemic hit us in 2020 it was very overwhelming on creators and influencers. Shimmy decided he will not let nothing get in the way of his dreams so that’s when ” SHIMMY SUNDAY ” was born . Every sunday for about 2-3 months shimmy was dropping a record faithfully , which grew his fan base even more as now everyone at home knows sunday they have new music to look forward to.

As time went on , Shimmy’s career grew even more, now in 2022 Shimmy finally released his most anticipated album “UNDERDOG 3” , with many features including KIKO EL CRAZY , LIHTZ , LIRO100 & BENZOE HF.  The whole album is truly a masterpiece from the artwork down to the overall production and quality of the music is unmatched. It’s a 10 track project and trust me when I say every single record is a non-skip. As we enter the 4th quarter Shimmy definitely sets the tone and will finish his year very strong ,but the real question is will Shimmy still feel like the underdog even when the world has already accepted him ?


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