Shifta Tags Too $hort For “Lil Freak”

Shifta has been putting his all into music since he was young. He comes from a lineage of record-breaking producers which includes his father, Daddy Fras of Piper Records. He gave some of the Caribbean’s most prevalent artists their first hit records. Recently, fast-rising Reggae artist Shifta popped back on the scene with hip hop icon Too $hort for this new single “Lil Freak”.

It is the first-ever Dancehall/Reggae collaboration for Too Short. “Lil Freak” is a part of Shifta’s forthcoming EP due out in 2021. The record also serves as Shifta’s first official release of 2020, following up to “Titans,” which dropped towards the tail-end of 2021. Furthermore, Shifta has built an incredible fan base across multiple continents, having toured Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. He has collaborated with notable artists like Flo Rida, Lil Wayne, Elephant Man, Wayne Wonder, Pleasure P, and more. With goals to win a Grammy, Shifta is focused heavily on his upcoming project, which features dynamic collaborations and uptempo vibes. Stay tuned for all things Shifta as he prepares to shift the genre in 2021.

“Lil Freak” is a thrilling addition to Shifta’s  takeover — another exciting gem from a bold new artist. Timeless Entertainment CEO Rasheed Ali is also gearing up to release Shifta upcoming EP. Thankfully, he said he is very confident in it making a major imprint on the music industry.

Check it out below!

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