Sheff G Steps On “No Suburban Pt. 2” Video

Sheff G broke onto the scene in 2017 with “No Suburban,” which undeniably helped to solidify drill music the official sound of Brooklyn. Now a figurehead of one of rap’s most exciting ascending scenes, Sheff returns to the moment that started it all. “No Suburban Pt. 2” is his latest effort and it’s a surefire banger. He also teased an album slated to drop this Friday!

“No Suburban Pt. 2” finds Sheff G in rare form, reflecting on his rise from striver to thriver and sharing harsh words for those who don’t think he can stay on top: “I got ’em thinkin’ it’s voodoo / I’m a King Corso you a poodle.” In the cinematic, black-and-white video, Sheff draws a contrast between his dreadlocked teenage self and his current baller status, driving through the streets of Brooklyn in a Rolls Royce and mobbing with his homies in the studio. “No Suburban Pt. 2” is the latest single from One And Only, Sheff’s upcoming debut album. Check out the video below.

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