Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow Are New York’s Quiet Storm

Sheff G emerges as one of NYC’s hottest artists, fresh off the release of his debut project, The Unluccy Luccy Kid under Winners Circle and Empire Records. New York City Hip-Hop is in a bit of a transitional stage. The city where Hip-Hop originated pretty much controlled the landscape of Hip-Hop since its inception on Sedgwick Avenue in 1973. The West Coast sustains their period of greatness and the south once completely dominated the game with the sub genre of “Trap” music.

Sheff G first came onto the scene with “No Suburban”

Many believe that New York City isn’t a powerhouse in Hip-Hop, although the city still produces dope artists such as A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Dave East, Cardi B & Lil Tecca. If you were to look deeper under the surface you’ll find there’s a new wave of energy sweeping the city, especially in Brooklyn. When you combine “UK Grime” beats with authentic New York City street rap you get the sub genre “NYC Drill” 

“Everything we talk about is how we grew up in Brooklyn”

– Sheff G

In 2017, Sheff G presented that sub genre with the release of “No Suburban”. The video has six million views and counting.

“Drill” music’s origin trace back to 2010 on Chicago’s West & South Side. Artists like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, G Herbo & Lil Bibby helped elevate the sub genre to new heights.

“My son Bibby, Herb, Keef, Capone & them. All the main ones. Seeing them, they were all our age living the same type of life over there”.

-Sheff G

“Feel Ah Way” stood out as the best song on Sheff’s project to me. When asked, Sheff agreed. “If I had to choose just one, it’ll be ‘Feel Ah Way’,” he said.

“Used to bend blocks in crews now we got a lot to lose”

-Sheff G “Feel Ah Way”

Although Sleepy Hallow hasn’t received the same level of attention as Sheff G, he continues to shine on tracks and generate a buzz around his name. He too just released his debut project, Don’t Sleep. It’s a 14 track effort that features the bouncy hit “I Get Luv” and Breaking Bad (Okay)” featuring Sheff G. In the midst of all the attention he did receive prior to the the EP’s release, he awaited feedback on the project.

Extremely humble although confident in their work, when asked about who else in the city we should keep an eye on the duo did not hesitate to drop names.

“My son ABG Neal New York on they shit”.

– Sheff G

“Brooklyn on they shit,”

– Sleepy Hallow

“New York never fell off. The New New York, my son, Eli Fross.”

– Sheff G

New York Hip-Hop has never fallen off. The emergence of “New, New York” proves that it won’t happen anytime soon, check out the full interview here.

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