Shaun Milli Returns With Raved Record “Like Dat”

Still surrounded by the hype of his highly anticipated release of his debut EP, One In A Milli, Shaun Milli returns with more new music! Following the drop off of his breakout single “Love Me,” which racked up millions of views on TikTok; Shaun has since received over 17 million streams and counting across all music platforms since the release of his EP.

Since stepping into the scene in 2021, Shaun Milli continues to strive to be the best artist he can be. His ambition is to create timeless music that will last forever with fans. In doing so, Shaun Milli unleashes sizzling single “Like Dat” featuring K Camp which is sure to live on indefinitely! The feel good featured track serves as a single for a number of occasions. You can bump his bop while riding in your car, dancing with your lover, or while vibing at a club or party. Regardless, his new raved record will undoubtedly overcome you with positive energy and the desire to be in love. Shaun Milli and his new raved record serve as an ideal starting point for any newfound fan of the rising act.

Shaun Milli Taps Todd Uno For Visuals

Additionally, the visual dropped simultaneously with the single. The Todd Uno-directed music video paints a perfect picture of the single’s significance. Providing a message that reflects what any woman would want from her man, such as new, fun, and happy experiences. For example, the visual depicts the rising star at the PJ tarmac with his love interest, backed by beautiful black dancers, and a stunning scenery. In our current climate, this recent release reassures the hope that better days are ahead. Reminds listeners that sharing our joys with those we care about is more important now, than ever.

With the revealing of the official music video for “Like Dat” featuring K Camp, he continues to build a buzz as one of the year’s biggest breakout attractions in music! In fact, his trendy track comes as a direct follow-up to the TK Kravitz-featured hit “Soul Ties“. Moreso, “Soul Ties” and “Like Dat” prepare long-time fans for the artist’s upcoming project, which follows his 2020 debut EP, One in a Milli. In addition to Shaun Milli’s early hit, “Love Me,” from his debut album. It has amassed millions of views on TikTok alone while Milli Music Entertainment is streaming it on all platforms! Don’t believe me? Get familiar with this trailblazing talent here at KAZI Magazine by taking a look at our interview with the One In A Milli musician! First, be sure to press play on the fascinating featured music video for “Like Dat” featuring K Camp below before reading up on the raved about artist! 

Shaun Milli Stops By KAZI To Show Why He’s One In A Milli

  • Hey Shaun! Happy November! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chop it up with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine! Before we jump into our interview to talk about your new single, your artistry, and more… Let’s bring it back to the beginning. Who is Shaun Milli and where did it all begin?!

“Ah, So I am Shaun Milli and well, it began. It began in Edgefield, South Carolina. A lot of people don’t even know where that’s at lol. I have to always say the surrounding areas like Columbia, or Augusta or something like that. Yeah, so I’m from Edgefield. I’ve always been a singer and I’ve always loved music or whatnot. But, I started singing publicly at age 12. I started singing at church, that’s where it really began. So I started there, and I fell in love with it even more. I started getting people’s reactions and stuff and then it just went from there. I knew it was something that I wanted to pursue as a career”. 

  • That actually brings me to my next question. Who or what would you credit your musical style and sound to? 

“Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Because a lot of people, a lot of people tell them, I have a lot of soul. And they can hear like, they can hear like the gospel end of the word not. And I won’t even be trying, like, I just, that’s just how I sing. So I would credit it today, I would credit like the uniqueness of my voice, because I don’t really think that there’s anyone like, around my age. I’m 25. So I don’t think there’s anyone like really seeing it. Like, like, like that. You know what I’m saying?”

  • Next, what’s your creative process like? Do you put pen to pad or punch in and out? 

“Well, no, I don’t use the pen to pad method. I actually go in my notes on my phone. So I would write a song by just typing in my notes. But, I first go off of it by listening to a beat. Once I hear a beat that I like, it’s going to automatically tell me what to sing about or what to talk about. Once I hear it, or whatnot, I’ll just go in and do a melody. But I’ll record the melody in my memos on my phone, like the recording memos. Just a melody so that I don’t forget it. I’ll do that and then I’ll keep doing it and practicing the melody of it. 

Once I get the melody down, then I’ll start writing and putting like the words in like, when I was doing the melody. So that when I hear a beat, I’ll put in the words and melodies you know what I’m saying? Then I just go to the studio. By time I go to the studio to record I don’t even have to read it or nothing. I memorize it by the time I get to the studio, so I don’t have to look at my phone for the lyrics or nothing. I think that’s why my songs and everything is so heartfelt. Because it doesn’t sound like I’m reading off a piece of paper or sound like I’m reading off a phone. It’s because I already have it memorized in my head how I wanted to sound and present lyrics”. 

  • With a musical sound favoring both Hip Hop and R&B, which genre(s) would you say you lean towards for inspiration? 

“Ah, well, like you said in R&B, of course. I listen to a lot of different music, you know. I listen to music too. So I wouldn’t say that I lean towards country music but I’m just a music lover. I just love music so if a song sounds good to me you know, I love it. I like it.

A lot of people tell me that as far as like my EP, One In A Milli — it’s kind of a mixture, like I did a little hip hop. I did R&B, I did like a slow interlude. And I actually, I’ve written and recorded a country song, but I just haven’t released it. I think that I’m gonna pitch it like to another country artists though. But that’s just how much I love music like I can write. So I really just be writing man, I just love it”. 

  • As a multifaceted musician who’s a singer- songwriter, do you only pen music for yourself or others as well? If so, who have you written for thus far? 

“I haven’t written for anyone this far. That is a dream of mine. I do want to step into that as well as far as writing for other artists. But as of right now, no, I just write for myself. Like I said, I do have a few songs that I’ve written and recorded, but I just haven’t released them because I’m not sure if I want to sing them or if I can maybe get someone else to sing them and deliver it even better”. 

  • Still enjoying the hype surrounding the success of your 2021 debut album, One In A Milli, what would you say was your biggest take away with its release? 

“Yeah, definitely threw me for a loop when I put “Love” on Tik Tok, I did not expect for it to do what it did. I actually had posted it once before, that same exact video, and it only had like 200 views in 12 hours. So I took it down. Then I went to a video shoot because I had a video shoot with another artist. And I think we finished up around midnight and I went to a waffle house to get me something to eat and I forgot to repost it. So I was just like, well let me repost the video again you know, to see if it will get the views or whatnot. 

So I reposted and then I forgot all about it until the next morning, I went and logged into Tik Tok, and it had already did what it was doing. So it definitely threw me for a loop. I was not expecting that but I’m so grateful though. I’m so thankful for it. But no, I wasn’t expecting it at all. But nonetheless it’s been great. The journey has been great. Of course, it’s more pressure now because you have more people watching you more people. But that’s what comes with it so you have to have tough skin and I’m ready for it! I feel like I’ve already been put to the test. So it’s cool. I’m just enjoying the right now you know?”

  • Now I have to ask & I know it’s going to be tricky… but, if you had to choose one record off of your previous project One In A Milli, which record is a personal favorite and why? 

“Temporary”. That’s my favorite. Yeah, that’s my favorite song I think because it’s just like a feel good song. Although “Love Me” is a feel good song too, I really feel like “Temporary” is a feel good song. It’s an upbeat song and it it makes you be like, You know what? This is, what I need. You know? I love listening to it. I love “Love Me” too, though. So I absolutely love “Love Me” too. “Love me” though to me is so hard to see. And a lot of people like when I be live to sing it. I be like, I gotta stand up and everything to sing that song. Lol. That’s not a song, you can just sit down and sing. Like, I gotta literally prepare myself mentally and physically to sing that”. 

  • You recently released your trendy track, “Like Dat” featuring K Camp! Could you tell us more about what that studio session was like and how the collaboration came about?

“Well, I wasn’t in the studio with K Camp when he recorded it. But I did record my part. I recorded the song I put on the foundation as far as the lyrics for the hook and my verse of course. And once I recorded it, I just knew that I wanted to another artist on it. But I didn’t want an R&B singer or any singer for that matter. I wanted a rapper. So then I thought of K Camp. The reason why I thought of him is because I look at K Camp as a rapper but he has a melody with his rap. He has like a little tune with it and it sounds good. So I was like that’ll be like the perfect fit. Because I know like when he’s first comes on, he’s not just going to do hardcore rapping like he will do the little harmonies and everything. You know?

Yeah, so I was like, that’d be a perfect collab. So I hit my manager and then told him, that’s who I wanted. He got in touch with him. I sent the track over like two days after that. Then they sent me back the track probably like a week later, something like that. It wasn’t long at all. So he wanted to say that he did it and sent it because he said that he really liked the trackZ He believed in it and that it was really easy to work with. He’s a really cool guy. We did the video, and whatnot. He’s really real down to earth so I really enjoyed it”. 

  • Throughout your career thus far, you’ve collaborated with artists such as K Camp, TK Kravitz, and Scendo. Are there any other artists on your collaboration wishlist that we can be on the lookout for? 

“Yeah, so, of course, K Camp, he’ll be on the album. T.K. Kravitz will be on the album, I’m gonna put “Soul Ties” on the album. Also, I’ve done a song with Mars. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Mars. But she’s a rising R&B singer as well. Yeah, so I got her on. I got her on the album or whatnot. We actually did two songs together. I love working with her. She’s so cool, very sweet girl. 

I feed off energy too. I really like for the energy to be good because I know my energy is so pure. So I always look for that in return. Anytime I’m working with another artist and their energy matches my energy, I already know that the record is gonna be fire out. As of now, those are the only features that I have on that one. I don’t really want to overdo the features. Being that, you know, I haven’t really done enough yet. I’m still trying to present myself to the world. So I present myself to the world then I kind of go crazy with the features and everything”. 

  • Eager to hear more, what’s next for Shaun Milli as we close out 2022 going into 2023? 

“So I’ll be dropping a Christmas song soon. I believe it will be in the early part of December. Then the late part of December right before the New Year, I’ll be dropping my next single off of the album like. It’s called “Forever”. It’s more of a love song – a real slow song. It’s really heartfelt, and I’m excited”.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with the Milli Mob? 

“Definitely. First off, I just want to tell them thank you — the Milli Mob. So I want to say thank you to them. Because without God and without them, I would not be here in this position. So I just want to always tell them, thank you. I’m never take no for an answer. You know, never let no dictate your future. 

I’ve been told no so many times and I’ve been turned around and walked out of doors. Everything you know? So you always gotta keep going and have a level head and know what you want out of life. I feel like the only way of failing is if you quit. The only way that you can fail is if you quit. But if you continuously go and have that drive, there’s no way that you can lose. It’s just going to happen. It may take a while, but it’s definitely going to happen if you just keep going”. 


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