Shaudy Kash Drops “I Can’t Make This Sh*t Up”

Shaudy Kash is looking to be the next to pop from Detroit. Michigan is undoubtedly the most influential and buzzing regional music scene. It has come around in the last several years, blending fast-paced instrumentals with tremendous sonic versatility. Moreover, they can take on a more industrial sound, get blended in a more silky fashion with soul-samples. Also, they have an almost jazzy subtleness that puts the intricate lyrics the artists deliver on fully display. Shaudy Kash has turned into one of the fan favorites from Motor City’s burgeoning scene. This is due to his calm, nonchalant but sage wisdom with mixtape after mixtape. 

On his latest project I Can’t Make This Shit Up, Shaudy continues to talk his player, matter-of-fact shit over a series to laid-back Detroit instrumentals against a back-drop of many notable or particularly-regal samples that further drive home the nonchalant charisma that Kash possesses. He is joined by a few featured artists this go around, receiving guest verses from FlashyWes, Lil Mex, and Samuel Shabazz who are all notable names in the Detroit scene and I love to hear him with Samuel Shabazz as he is one of the few artists in the Motor City that can rival the smoothness of Shaudy. His consistency is something to be marveled at and is almost as impressive as the genuineness he approaches his music with.

Shaudy Kash Shares His Life On His Newest Project

He simultaneously gives you the game plan to make and save money. He does this while also coaching his listeners through dealing with worrisome women and people looking to use you. I really want to see Shaudy begin to match the visual presentation of his music with the incredible music and it is going to be fun to watch Shaudy mature more as an artist and discover new flows and deliveries. I know one thing for sure, and that is that Shaudy Kash is definitely going to remain consistent.

Lastly, listen to the new project below!

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