Sham1016 Delivers Brand New Debut Album ‘Foul Play’

Sounding off from South Central LA is none other than aspiring artist Sham1016! Following the fire release of his heartfelt visual “Hurt Yourself”, the trendy talent returns with the release of his debut album, Foul Play!

Featured fresh off the project is lead single, “Hurt Yourself” which serves as the project’s standout single. Garnering great feedback, his hit single gave the perfect peephole view of what’s to come from this rising rhymer! As a multi-talented rapper, designer, entrepreneur, and all-around creative, he built his stage name after where he was born, 1016 W. 90th Street. Following the back to back drop offs, fans of the diverse talent are eating well!

Sham1016 Returns On Heels Of “Hurt Yourself”

“It’s me being petty to all the girls that hurt a crip feelings [Laughs] Nah it’s my story of being the one who does dirt and slimy s–t to the women that loved me and transitioning from the one that causes the hurt to the one being hurt and how that cycle continues.” Sham1016 shares.

“[Foul Play] is about all the slimey s–t that I’ve done, been done to me, shit the homies did, all that. It’s dark, moody but still full of shit talking, player shit, and vibes. But it is me still being petty though,” he says.

In fact, Sham1016’s skill and creativity as an artist are showcased throughout the project as a culmination of vibes. As a newcomer to the LA music scene, Sham1016 is keeping his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck. With that being said, he has no intentions of letting up!

Foul Play

Additionally, the South Central LA fast-rising rapper-songwriter distinguishes his sound on his debut project, while brooding a dark moody vibe that still slaps. He describes it as “cocky with melody,” “original pockets & flows”, paired with “shit talking and player vibes”. This is evident in “Hurt Yourself,” which features a monochromatic visual that allows us to focus on his poetic cadences and sinister message throughout the candid track. As a result, the visuals feature imaginative street shots, exquisite angles, and cold-killer close lens frames. Which gives us a clear eye view through his eyes and into his soul to establish the guilt he feels on the painfully player record. Also, expect more trauma-facing, vulnerability, and accountability-taking as a clear direction Sham has consciously decided to pursue on the project, as he wears his heart on his sleeve.

“The cycle of being hurt, versus the one who hurts people, inspired this. Being in the position where I was responsible for hurting these different women’s feelings to make that transition to being the one that gets hurt has always been interesting to me…” Sham1016 says.

Furthermore, stay up to date with Sham1016 here at KAZI Magazine for more news and music! Next, press play on his full-length EP, Foul Play. Lastly, let us know what you think!

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