Shake Off Your Rumors and Rise About It All: Rumor Digital’s Newest Hit “Rumors”

Rumor Digital has blown all our minds away with his newest song “Rumors.” The song makes the listener delve into an experience that can’t simply be put into words. It is trending all over the internet right now. Rumor Digital has become the man of the hour with the release of this song.

Rumor Digital is an artist with a musical understanding that is simply surprising. He is certainly not a newbie in this scene. His song “Rumors” speaks to that fact. His fans want more of him in the coming years.

“Rumors” is a song that put Rumor Digital in a league of its own. With flawless mastering and superb production quality, “Rumors” can’t be called anything short of a masterpiece.

If you’re looking for some fresh tunes to spice up your life, try listening to Rumor Digital’s new EP. It contains three songs: “Rumors,” “Rumor Has It,” and “To The Moon.” Each of these songs is slowly gaining a rise in popularity. We can’t but thank Rumor Records and Rumor Digital for that.

Listen to “Rumors” on Spotify here:

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