ShaiVA Drops His New Introspective EP “Earth Is Hell”

Virginia is not the easiest state to make it out. Somehow, ShaiVA has found a way to take his talents to the next level again. His new EP, “Earth Is Hell” comes after the announcement of his new partnership with Bentley Records. “Earth Is Hell” is a brief look at life through the lens of a Southern VA native. Life has its ups and downs, but you have to maintain a positive outlook on life. ShaiVA is intensely reflective. His songs have trunk-rattling beats, but his verses go straight to your soul. You rarely find an artist that can do both. ShaiVA has been rapping for a while, and as you can see, it has become an art.

Stand out tracks like Hallo, Dear America, and Lawless Game are what make ShaiVA different from the pack. ShaiVA stepped into many different pockets for his latest project. Thankfully, his subject matter stayed the same throughout. He wants people to leave the materialistic mindset. He knows that many people do not even pay attention to how much time they are wasting. Life is short, and ShaiVA wants his fans to make the most of it because he sure will.

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