“SFE” Marks New Venture From Rap Legend 205

“SFE” Is not safe in a good way

SFE,” which stands for “Slowest Freestyle Ever,” shows unique lyrical prowess that’s rare.

Rap Legend 205 is doing justice to his name again in his latest track. His recent freestyle features ferocious flows, and electrifying energy that keeps giving. Brimming with wordplay and a limitless charisma-dripped style, it’s a showcase to his abilities. It’s all about his rise to the top.

The emerging rapper is fiercely fighting his way in the industry for some time now. Hailing from Alabama, he entered the world of music at the age of just eight. He put out his first demo by the age of eighteen, which generated some local buzz; which allowed him to perform at multiple shows around the region. He’s since utilized the power of the internet to reach a nice audience as his fan base continues to grow into the tens of thousands.

His hard-hitting freestyles saw him gain critical acclaim in the south. This success spurred him to start his label “Rap Legend Records,” the first artist from Birmingham. Armed with a fierce philosophy of never giving up, he continues to climb to the top and make his mark on the global music game.

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