Selfmade AP Releases New Video “Christian Story”

Broward County, Florida-based rap artist Selfmade AP has released the official video for his most recent track, “Christian Story”. AP reflects on the life of young Billy who after losing his parents; his life took a drastic change forcing him to make choices no child should ever have to.

“Billy is a young boy who ran away from his aunties house due to the challenges he faces at home”. “Billy also suffers from depression and anxiety. He lost his parents in a car crash and luckily he was the only survivor.”

Although a newcomer in the game, Selfmade AP’s ability to tell a story like Hip-Hop legends Tupac and DMX, is already setting him apart from the rest. But don’t be so quick to put him in a box, AP is a versatile artist who can do it all!

Connect with him @selfmadeap509 for updates on new music, videos, and more!

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