Seattle’s Tony Montana Releases Studio Debut- Got Geeked- With Ruby Room Music

This Sunday, Seattle-based rapper, Tony Montana, released Got Geeked, his studio debut, with the support of Elan Wright and Ruby Room Music. The rapper’s last single “I Hate School”, spiked over 100,000 streams on Spotify and was remastered to land a spot on the full-length project.

With lines like, “Feel a buzz in the pocket it’s the trap phone/It’s the plug sayin that he got a stack for me/If I make another, what am I in class for?” the album’s title song talks about Tony’s struggle with feeling like school distracted him from his hustle. After a lengthy suspension and newly equipped with a new perspective, Tony went back to school and got his Bachelor’s of Science.

The project was later produced in Seattle with the help of Elan Wright, who co-directs Ruby Room, a Seattle studio he and Nima “Skeemz” Abbassi took over back in 2013 from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Some of the best new music from Seattle has come out of the 600 square foot establishment.

Rumored to be working on a visual album for 2020, Tony Montana is already jumping major hurdles in the music game and his audience spreads far across North America and the UK. Follow him on Instagram (@montanasplanet) and click below to stream Got Geeked now!

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