Sean Doron The Underground DJ

Tel Aviv is the hub of nightclubs in Israel. It’s as if the city likes to party all night and goes to sleep in the morning. Clubs like The Block, Breakfast Club, Drama, remain full almost throughout the week. This shows the enthusiasm among the locals to visit nightclubs and take a break from their busy schedules. Sean Doron, the renowned underground DJ from Tel Aviv, wants people to live life as if there is no tomorrow.

Sean was a regular performer at Monochrome before he started getting invitations from international music festivals. His surge to fame happened because of his passion for electronic music. Along with a few other underground DJs, he changed the scene of Tel Aviv’s nightlife in a few years. When Sean started DJing, there were only a handful of nightclubs in Tel Aviv. But today, you will find a lounge in almost every corner. How did he make such a drastic change in the last few years? The renowned DJ shares his story.

It’s tough to make a breakthrough in the DJ industry, especially with so much competition around. And Sean was no stranger to struggles. It took him ten years to become a popular figure in the electronic music scene in Tel Aviv. Initially, he only got five or ten minutes to play in the nightclubs. But that didn’t stop him from giving up his dream. Sean said, “I was confident that I would make it big in this industry. Many new DJs give up hope after struggling for a couple of years. They doubt their skills. Honestly, this industry takes a lot from you before giving something back. But once you start getting the love from the audience, it doesn’t rain but pours.”

He is one of the few artists from Tel Aviv who plays all around the world. Many of his fans even attend Ibiza, mykonos, tulum, NYC, Miami where he gets invitations as the guest performer. It is incredible to see how a DJ whom no one knew a few years ago is now performing in festivals and fashion events globally. This is the result of dedication, passion, and hard work.

Sean always dreamed of starting his own events service in Tel Aviv when he started playing in the city’s nightclubs. The crowd that poured in every night fascinated him. He loved watching the crowd dance to his music. But he didn’t have the experience to start something of his own. Now, he is a world-famous underground DJ. And so was the beginning of Monochrome Events.

Monochrome now hosts some of the most sought-after parties. It gives opportunities for new DJs to showcase their skills. Even Sean plays now and then to draw more crowds into his events. 

Sean Doron is the flag bearer of the change in nightlife in Tel Aviv. It’s his trippy songs that make the dance floor more enjoyable. His fans believe that Sean is an inspiration for new DJs to produce better music instead of simply remixing old songs.

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