SCtheartist sends a message with his latest song

SCtheartist was able to make it into the Hip-Hop scene creating music at the young age of 16. Today, he has performed in quite a number of big events around the NYC area. He has a passion for music that is just so powerful and genuine that his performances caught the attention of some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names.

Inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and others, this artist looks up to people whose skill and passion for their craft match their work ethics as well. SCtheartist admires people who know how to use melodies to draw out the soul in a song. His very own finesse in creating a whole new vibe with songs began back when he first heard his best friend rapping. It looked easy to him so he gave it a try, and he was hooked on rap music ever since.

SCtheartist Shows Strength and Inspiration

Sometimes life just hits hard, everything spirals out of control. Furthermore, you’re left alone to deal with all of it, but life goes on. SCtheartist’s latest drop “Life Goes On” is on fire as he demonstrates his signature lyrical finesse combined with a melody that’s bound to captivate your whole being.

It presents a chill-moody type vibe that is something you would want to play when driving alone on a night with clear roads and a cloudy mind. SCtheartist’s music encourages a deeper level of thinking. It is a pair of glasses which lets you see that problems are just problems. His persona flows into your own as you listen to the song and you feel every bit of pain he felt and the strength he needed to pick himself up and start living his life once again.

He was struggling through a lot back then. It was a truckload of problems with financial issues, family problems and everything was a mess. His rise from these hardships inspired SCtheartist to write his latest song. 

I had to pick myself up and get out of the slump” he said

Just like the song title, Life Goes On. He wants to encourage people to build the strength to pick themselves up and rise against the odds of life. SCtheartist wants his music to inspire his audience in such a way that they find their inner strength and use it to lift themselves up and soar into even greater heights. The power of music is indeed amazing.

“Life Goes On” Cover Art

Sctheartists Is A Role Model

SCtheartist dreams of being at the top of the Hip-Hop scene, but more than that, he wants his journey to be an eye-opener for all the dreamers out there. He wants them to look at him and realize that anyone can make their dreams come true if they work hard for it. This musician supports everyone chasing after their dreams.

He is a dreamer whose passion for making music draws crowd after crowd closer to him. His lyrics hit hard and his vibes resonate well with everyone who hears his music. Moreover, his latest song is a prime example of just how skillful SCtheartist is with his craft. His struggles did not hinder his art, because he knew that whatever happens, Life Goes On.

Think life is hard? Stream Life Goes On and find the strength inside you. Find out more about SCtheartist on Instagram and don’t forget to stream Life Goes On.

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