Schlish Releases Series Single “Part 3 (No Love)”

A continuation of rising Washington, D.C. star emcee Schlish and his “No Love” series arrives with a part 3. The amazing audio is accessible on the ears and an overall banger. The short but up-tempo track carries a smooth and power-like feel that gives it radio potential and a general sense of pure trap music greatness.

Along with the new audio from the D.C.-bred rapper comes a dope visual shot by Off The Charts Media that takes place in New York City. Schlish and his boys take over a bodega in NYC during fashion week, which gives the video a more personal feel.

Schlish (which means laid back) has already embarked on an invasion of pressure this year. He’s dropped off three tracks over the last couple of months. In doing so, he mastered combining storytelling, transparency, and soul into his rhymes over a vast majority of beats. Keeping his mic wrapped around the industry’s neck, Schlish remains a force to be reckoned with.

The crystal clear quality of the video matches the booming audio, making this one a must-add. Following up his trendy track “Abandoned“, the fire follow up release will live rent free in your head. Don’t believe me? Press play on the official visual here at KAZI Magazine.

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