What Does Success Look Like For Model Sazon De Puerto Rico?

Failing successfully! Ironical, right? To fail at something means we have not achieved our goals, but we definitely tried to do it, and this is what matters. For many, success and failure seem to be incompatible. Sazon De Puerto Rico shares her perspectives about these aspects based on her current status as a successful Instagram model.

Before March of 2019, nobody would have thought that Sazon De Puerto Rico would have more than 1 million followers, less than a year after starting her career as an Instagram model. Her charming personality, coupled with a sexy appeal lures many users to find out more about her. Unlike most of her peers, Sazon De Puerto Rico is exceptionally strategic when using social media, and admittedly, she affirms that mistakes do happen at times. She has managed to study the dynamics of publishing interactive content on social media platforms; this is a success story of its own.

However, there is more to it! The famous philosopher, Francis Bacon, once acclaimed that truth emerges more readily from error than from confusion. He was keen to note that errors do not have to be reckless but productive, and this is one way to learn from failure. Sazon De
Puerto Rico affirms that she has been the connoisseur of her own mistakes, often turning things round in a way that favours her objectives. For her, success is realizing that she is human who can make errors and learn from the consequent experiences. Posting the right content on her Instagram page is never definite as some will attract criticism from her followers. At times, her videos are deemed to be too ‘flirty’, and instead of halting her approach, Sazon De Puerto Rico simply changes her strategy.

A successful failure is all about taking a forward march of knowledge. Few people around us set their mentality to “fail better”, a common analogy fostered in the business world. It is a reason why we see struggling companies trying again and again to achieve their milestones. Think about it- the more they try, the more lessons they pick up.

Failure in this context is stopping, and Sazon De Puerto Rico knows too well not to be a victim of such. Instagram modeling is about having the right connections, actively linking up with other people who understand the rules of the game. She occasionally liaises with other models who have a larger following, solely to learn something from them. At least, she tries to better herself by acquiring new knowledge from others, and if failure
happens, it will be graceful; key thing, to never stop learning!

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