Sauce.K’s First EP Hits Over Quarter A Million Streams

Sauce. K is a rapper who has been doing music for only one year, gaining over a quarter-million streams with his first EP. He is currently working on his ten-track album titled “88” featuring many artists from the US he anticipates to get him to even greater heights. With all beats produced by King Kxmi & Netherlands producer Izzybelabid the 10 track album is expected to be a very successful project created by the trio. His main inspiration is his fans, as he always ensures he delivers quality music to them. He is also planning to start performing and touring around the world since the pandemic is finally coming to ease, and this will help him become the headliner he wishes to be.

His most significant achievement has been the recognition he has received publicity in such a short time, pay for the complex and smart work he is always doing. Stay tuned with him on his social media platform, check his outstanding work, and get more updates on his upcoming releases. Another Major achievement was earning the Best Musician Award in his city of Greeley and the neighboring city of Windsor! Sauce.K is the first Hip Hop artist to do so in Northern Colorado.

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