SAINt JHN – “Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs” Review

SAINt JHN is a Guyanese-American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs is a well-crafted project that speaks on love, sex, drugs and SAINt’s rise to fame.

SAINt JHN first came onto the scene with the release of his Collection One project in 2018 but has been in the music much loop longer than that. His resume boasts writing for acts including Usher, Jidenna, and Kieza. SAINt’s biggest opportunity came when he got the chance to collaborate with Beyoncé on “Brown Skin Girl” which was featured on The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack. What better time to release a project than after working with Beyoncé? SAINt JHN took advantage of the attention with the release of Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs.

Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs

SAINt JHN referred to this album as a “vessel for his experiences”. The 14-track project is exactly that. Tracks such as “Wedding Day” and “Borders” harp on love, however, there are moments throughout other songs where the lines are blurred.

For instance, in “I Can Fvcking Tell” SAINt JHN states “I don’t believe in the wedding bells, I don’t believe in love” which is a contrast from the project’s opening track discussing wedding days. SAINt JHN also taps into the realm of your favorite trap rapper on “Anything Can Happen”, “5 Thousand Singles” and “All I Want Is A Yacht”. For an artist with a voice as soulful as SAINt JHN, his rapping didn’t feel forced and was a pleasant confirmation of his range as an artist.

Another thing SAINT JHN did uniquely on this project was only use four features. In today’s climate of music, we see artists overcompensate with features, which in some cases drowns out the original artist. Meek Mill, Lil Baby, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, & Lenny Kravitz all provide fire guest verses while perfectly meshing with SAINt JHN’s melodic tale of love, life experiences, and budding stardom.

The time is now for SAINt JHN to prove he is the next big thing out of NYC. This project will give him a bid for that title. Check out Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs below via Spotify.

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