Sahbabii Offers Up “Double Dick” Video

Specializing in a heady, insular, but still hard-hitting blend of trap music, SahBabii is one of the most unique figures on the ATL scene. Returning to the scene with his signature style, SahBabii shares “Double Dick,” a new party anthem for introverts.

Swimming through an atmospheric instrumental with his gentle auto-tune, “Double Dick” finds SahBabii perfecting the art of low-key flexing. In his half-whispered triplet flow, SahBabii rattles off a series of boasts about his woman, his twin Glocks, and more. In the video, SahBabii channels Mr. Rogers in his cardigan and Fendi poncho, welcoming us into his trippy neighborhood, full of twerking strippers, stampeding rhinos, steam engines, and too-slow police officers.

“Double Dick” is the first taste of Barnacles, SahBabii’s upcoming project. The proper follow-up to SquidtasticBarnacles arrives later this Spring via SahBabii’s own Casting Bait Music Group. Check out the video below.

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