S.O. Brings Fans To ‘Larry Ginni Crescent’

International, Texas-based rap artist, S.O. is tapping back into his African roots with the release of his new EP, Larry Ginni Crescent. In celebration of the new project, S.O. dropped off the lead single “Kinda Love”. In addition, he followed up the record with a Love & Basketball themed visual. 

The Larry Ginni Crescent EP is driven by lead singles ”Kinda Love” and his previously released “Corner (O Ti De)”. His former summer-ready afropop love song, “Corner (O Ti De)”, came as a dedication to his wife. The infectious head-bopping record exudes the virtues of their love as S.O. boasts about the queen who stands besides him. He goes on to sing, “no babalawo in my corner, just God putting things in order”.

S.O. ‘Larry Ginni Crescent’ Album Cover

S.O.’s new album, Larry Ginni Crescent, sees the international star, who was born in Lagos and raised in London, return to his Nigerian origins for an afrobeats-focused record. In doing so, he teamed up with longtime friend and Grammy nominated producer, GP for the hypnotic production. 

S.O. Brings Lagos To The States 

Alongside rapidly booming Nigerian producers TBabz (Travis Greene, Faith Child, Aaron Cole) and SteveRawd. While penning and composing the entire record himself. The latest project traces S.O.’s footsteps back to his hometown of Lagos, Nigeria. In remembrance of the street he grew up on as a child, he has now titled his latest offering after it — Larry Ginni Crescent. 

The EP opens with the catchy up-tempo track “Prosper,” which was written in direct response to S.O. losing his grandmother last December. It features an afrobeats spin on the popular Bible scripture “no weapon created against me shall prosper.” Full of gratitude, he follows up with the uplifting sing-along, “Good To Me”. Next, fusing together afrobeats and rap he ties in a motivational message on his upbeat dance filler “That One”. To wrap up, S.O. closes out the project with a sensual vibe. Also utilizing his music for teachable moments about resisting sin and temptation. His R&B driven “Want You” and afro house influenced “Wonder” close out the album to great effect. 

The Inspiration 

When reflecting on the inspiration behind his hot new Larry Ginni Crescent EP — S.O. says:

This is a project that is connected to my African roots – Larry Ginni Crescent is the name of the street I lived on as a child back in Lagos. It’s also deeply sentimental for me and it is dedicated to my grandmother who passed away from COVID late last year. As a proud Nigerian, I have always loved my heritage, from the food and the language to the music and the culture, and afrobeats is one of the branches on the Nigerian tree that’s rooted in the diaspora… 

– S.O.

This project has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and the lockdown opened the door for that. I got to collaborate with two special Nigerian producers TBabz and SteveRawd, as well as my long-time collaborator GP. Not only am I a Nigerian but I am also a Christian and that comes out in this project. So ‘Larry Ginni Crescent’ can be described as deeply Christian and deeply Nigerian. From the songs about faith, to songs about love, everything connects to this one point – all that we do, all that we experience, can be used for our art. I hope it moves you”.

S.O. Is A Billboard Bully 

The brand new project follows the success of his previous project titled, Augustine’s Legacy. In fact, that EP was dedicated to his late father and first born. Since, it has accumulated over 16 million streams and counting on Spotify alone. While also garnering support from Press heavyweights like Essence, Rapzilla, The Hype Magazine and OkayAfrica — amongst others. 

Throughout his musical career S.O. has charted in the Top 30 on both Billboard Rap album and Billboard Christian album charts. Also charting in the Top 10 on the Billboard Heatseekers list. The accomplishments don’t stop there — he’s landed on the Top 5 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap album chart with over 40 million streams under his belt. 

Welcome to Larry Ginni Crescent 

S.O. continues to keep his foot on the industry’s neck. He is the epitome of an international artist, with over 40 million global streams and sold-out gigs across America, Europe, and Africa. Especially considering that he’s resided in Lagos, London, and now Texas. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more about S.O. For now take a look at the Larry Ginni Crescent tracklist below and stream his latest project. Let us know what you think! 


1. Prosper

2. Corner (O Ti De)

3. Good To Me

4. That One

5. Kinda Love

6. Want You

7. Wonder

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