Rylton Thomas: Fast-Rising Celebrity Stylist

Rylton Thomas is one of the quickest rising celebrity stylists in the music industry. His most recent clients include the viral sensation Kali. Hailing from Northern Virginia, Rylton currently serves as a wardrobe stylist, interior designer, and creative director, styling some of the biggest stars in today’s industry. This list includes Aliya Janell, Nivea, Eva Marcelle, Tokyo Jetz, Dreezy, and more.

He takes pride in leaving each person he encounters with an experience they would never forget, making everyone feel included and important. Formally known as “TheRylExperience,” Rylton is taking the fashion and business industry by storm with a new approach to styling geared toward communizing the integration of streetwear and luxury clothing.

Rylton Thomas

Check out our insightful interview here below!

Growing up in Northern Virginia, there are not many fashion stylists to look at for success stories. What drove you to start creating?

Rylton Thomas: This is so true! Honestly, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. I knew it had something to do with fashion and entertainment. It wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta which allowed me to really express myself creatively. Mixing what I was experiencing in Atlanta with my culture and background, I became motivated to do what I loved. 

Women love your stylings, and it is easy to see that you will forever be popular in that lane. What was the placement that got you started?

Rylton Thomas: My first styling placement came when I was assisting, but the person I was assisting couldn’t make it. I had the opportunity to style recording artist and tv personality Reemarkable for WeTV’s Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta. It was a short but fun opportunity. After that, I knew exactly what my purpose was. 

Have you ever thought about styling men or moving towards that space?

Rylton Thomas: Yes! Most people don’t know this, but I’ve actually styled Men in the past and currently still style men. I would love to continue and move more into men’s fashion as much as I do for women for sure.

You grew your brand based on mixing streetwear and luxury brands. What was the inspiration behind that?

Rylton Thomas: I personally feel like most people who aren’t a stylist or in the fashion industry sometimes don’t understand that it’s “okay” to mix genres, prints, or colors and I didn’t see that in most fast fashion brands. So I decided to create a brand, “Apparyl by Ryl,” to communicate that integration between Luxury Fashion & Streetwear. 

What are your goals for the rest of 2021?

Rylton Thomas: For the rest of 2021, I really am focusing on expanding my career to the next level. Hopefully, gaining more intense and intricate opportunities/clients will push my creativity beyond where it’s been. I plan to finish school in May, which will be a great accomplishment not only for me but also for my family. Lastly, plan to launch my second collection within my brand, “Apparyl by Ryl,” which will be very, very big! 

Who is a dream client for Rylton Thomas?

Rylton Thomas: My overall dream client would have to be Nicki Minaj or Teyana Taylor. I grew up watching the growth in both of these women, and seeing how they weren’t afraid to push boundaries and set tones really motivated me artistically, and it would be an honor to even be in the same room with them. 


We absolutely love your extensive work with Kali. Tell us a bit more about how you two work together so well and what it’s like styling her?

Rylton Thomas: Kali is a superstar. As a person, she’s so genuine & understanding, and being that we’re about the same age, we agree on a lot of decisions which makes working with her a breeze. She’s honestly like my personal barbie doll. We have a lot in store and can’t wait for everyone to see it. 

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