Ryan Ave Unveils New Single “Make It Through”

Ryan Ave is a Southern California-born, American singer-songwriter. He has been establishing his name through multiple genres for over a decade. At the start of his career, he had a successful campaign. The campaign was based on being one of the founders and frontman of a band called To Each His Own. After years of touring the country, he then decided to step out. This would later lead to the start of his solo career. Today, he shares his new single “Make It Through.”

Ryan Ave shares, “’Make It Through’ is about having a struggling relationship with God, being trapped in our ways vs the life that God has destined for us. I want us to see how much better life can really be by listening to the notion that calls within and walking in his footsteps when called. No that doesn’t mean you have to stop partying or stop doing hoodrat sh*t! with your friends.”

He continues, “If we choose to become closer with god We begin to realize How damaging some of the people closest to us are and the old ways of our life. Everything stems down to one thing that determines the entire course of our lives. And that is the meaning of the two doors you see on the cover art, the choice between God’s way and our own way and Trust me my friend’s, we are not alone when making them.”

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