Rushhmobb Boy Boy Release ‘MVP’

Ray Anthony Butler, professionally known as Rushmobb BoyBoy, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on March 20th, 1994. BoyBoy being one of five siblings had considerable diversity in the style of music that he was exposed to. Notorious BIG, Dipset, and Rick Ross were the artists that influenced BoyBoy’s thirst for lyrical creativity since 2007.

I chose the name “MVP” because I feel like the most valuable Artist in my area…on this project, I reached out to a few artists in the city for a couple of features, with Crizzy Boy; producing 85% of the project ….I feel like this is some of my best work yet! 

-Rushmobb boyboy

In 2014, BoyBoy transitioned from basketball superstar to changing his goal to becoming an addition to the midwest’s lyrical geniuses. Since then, BoyBoy has released many projects that primarily focus on traditional rap with an R&B ambiance. There is no true limit to the levels he can go. Moreover, with greats like our most recent KAZI Magazine cover star Lakeyah coming from his city, he knows the blueprint. There will be many more successes out of Wisconsin if they can support each other.

Lastly, check out the Green Bay resident’s latest project, MVP, below.

Instagram: boyboy_rushmobb6
Facebook: Rushmobb BoyBoy 
Twitter: BoyBoyRM 

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