Ruling Meaning and Purpose in Music

There is a great unexplainable feeling that comes with doing or pursuing what you love most. There is a thrill that comes with getting productive in something that rhymes with your heart and soul. This star in New York, KJ-Kapone, finds great thrill in music and is making the most of it to impact others through his words. He did not waste a chance to pursue the growing interest he was having as a kid. He is gradually curating his art to disrupt the global music scenes. 

Get to Know KJ-Kapone

KJ-Kapone is surprisingly 19 years old and set to disrupt the global music industry. His real name is Keyshaun, a native of Texas but raised in Arizona. His sister would always freestyle around him and thus picked up the idea of music from her, as he found it exciting while he was in 3rd grade. He developed the interest that turned into a passion leading him to record at around 16 years.

He is now creating a vibe type and trap music. He is aiming to make his voice more unique to set him apart from everyone else. He is thriving as an independent artist who is certainly willing to accept a good label deal. He is also serving the United States Army.

Finding Meaning and Purpose in Music

KJ-Kapone finds music as an outlet for everything around him. He makes music to express himself freely. He finds fulfillment in letting out what he feels through songs. This way, he gets done with a situation with ease compared to talking to people. Again, his defining factor is his authentic self and being blunt in his expression. He does not sugarcoat anything but exactly says what and how he feels. 

This action has strengthened his relationship with his audience as he can directly speak to their hearts and minds. His message communicates well with his fans, who love him for his vocals. He further aims at being the person to make people happy when they are sad with his music. 

Growing his profession

KJ-Kapone is growing his career through hard work, dedication, a positive mindset of never giving up, and strongly believing in himself. He is also motivated by helping his family. He further likes the feeling of thinking about being on the stage rocking out in front of thousands of people. He aims at selling out in every show he does, which gives him the drive to pursue music with vitality. 

He is inspired by Lil Loaded, Project Youngin, ShooterGang Kony, King Von, OMB Peezy. He loves their dedication, and through them, he believes he can make it too. These artists are a motivation such that he would like to collaborate with each of them. Another step he is making to propel his career is networking, learning how to network to get his name out there. 


KJ-Kapone advises young artists never to give up on what they want in life. Through his journey, he believes everything is possible, and it just needs dedication and keeping off from people with a negative mindset. 

KJ-Kapone has a new single he is releasing on 8th August, called “All In,” available on all music platforms. You certainly don’t want to miss the lively and head-bouncing songs. Follow these links to reach out to him.


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