Ruby Recordings a label that lives up to the name

Ruby Recordings was founded in 2015 and is based in Utica, New York. They’re a full service record label specializing in artist development and branding. They also keep a strong relationship based on trust with each individual artist that’s on the team. Their mission is to provide a place for aspiring music artists to organically grow in an atmosphere that is equipped with the latest technology and resources. Depending on what stage an artist is at in their career, Ruby Recordings determines a marketing and promotion campaign tailored to fit the artist’s needs. Their goal is for the artist and the label to make as much money together as they possibly can. For this reason they use in-house producers, engineers, and graphic designers. But they also work on increasing the maximum exposure of both parties. 

The CEO of Ruby Recordings is named Trizzy. He’s a hip hop recording artist, record producer, songwriter, artist manager, and a well-rounded entrepreneur. Trizzy is currently searching all across the globe for new talent to add to Ruby Recordings roster. He’s looking to maintain a steady roster and expand their audience virtually throughout all of the geographical locations. Trizzy and the rest of the team at Ruby Recordings believe in building up a solid team full of trustworthy individuals so they can skyrocket everyone’s career while still having the company’s name backing the artist. Trizzy may find himself wearing many hats, but he does not mind giving up the limelight so that artists signed to Ruby Recordings can shine. 

Are you a music artist looking to take your career to the next level? Trizzy and Ruby Recordings are looking forward to hearing what you have to offer! You can forward your demos and resumes to Don’t forget to also follow Trizzy and Ruby Recordings on Instagram at @lifeoftrizzy and @RubyRecordings to stay caught up on their announcements and news updates.

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