Rublow Makes Cash Money Records Debut With New Release

The south is known for breeding raw talent and next up is East-side Tampa Bay rhymer, Rublow! In fact, the trailblazing talent makes his Cash Money Records debut by dropping the sizzling single Blow Muzik”! Served up as a flipped sample of Lil Wayne’s classic Cash Money hit, “Hustler Musik”, Rublow utilizes his long-time influence to create a modern day classic! Staying on the industry’s neck, Rublow reveals the visuals simultaneously with the single which premiered on BET Jams. 

Throughout the Tevin Revels-produced track, he reflects on the trials, triumphs, and testaments reflective of his truth. On the record he recites his experience coming up from the streets, remaining guarded, and preparing for a new day. The Tampa-bred talent dips in and out of hard-hitting storytelling and hypnotic hooks with the dexterity of a prizefighter, establishing himself as a vital and vibrant voice for the South in the process. Rublow seamlessly switches up his flows and patterns as he merges modern melodies with old school-style bars — similar to lane switching at high speeds.

Welcome To “Blow Muzik”

Rublow - "Blow Musik" Cover Art
Rublow – “Blow Musik” Cover Art

The Legit Looks-directed visual shines light on the Sunshine State as he’s seen riding through his hometown. Switching scenes back and forth to being posted up on the porch with his homies to hitting the streets and popping out, it’s clear that Rublow is ready to put the city on his back! In doing so, he gives fans a glimpse of his surroundings growing up. Breathing more life into an already breathtaking banger, the visual further demonstrates his knack for unfiltered honesty through both pen and motion pictures.

“Blow Muzik” puts the rising rapper’s soon-to-be-known flair front and center, delivering diaristic lyricism that fans of rap from both the golden era of Hip Hop and today will champion. His essence evokes a sense of familiarity in sound while igniting feelings of what is new and next in music with a ferocious flow. Don’t believe me? Press play on the visuals for his trendy track titled, “Blow Muzik” below! 

Birthed and backed by a musical upbringing, it’s apparent as to why he’s so musically inclined and is a standout star! As a child, he was surrounded by music and absorbed inspiration from a variety of sources. His grandmother, Kitty Daniels, was a well-known pianist and performer who notably accompanied Ray Charles, James Brown, and others. Because of this, she shared her passion for the instrument with her grandson by passing on the knowledge on how to play at a young age. At the same time, his father was spinning records by Sizzla, Culture Club, Queen, and a-ha, as well as 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., and Jadakiss. So as you can tell his musical palette is excitingly expansive. Powered by his diverse palette, Rublow jump-started his musical journey by making music behind the scenes before stepping into the spotlight to pursue his passion professionally at the age of 16.

Introducing Cash Money’s Latest Signee

With monumental musical influences by the aforementioned artists, Rublow reminds fans that real music remains. The evolving emcee utilizes his inspirations to bridge the gap between the new and old school with his distinct delivery. Ready to wrap his mic around the industry’s neck, He eventually took a flight to Los Angeles and worked as a temp at UCLA. During this time, he met Noomi Rapace [The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus], as well as model, actor, and artist Anwar Hadid, who enthusiastically supported him. So much so, Hadid shared Rublow’s “18 and Running” to her Instagram story, launching a friendship and creative collaboration. Additionally, he received a wide range of recognition for co-writing and featuring on “KISS!” from Hadid’s 2019 debut album, Bleach

Meanwhile, he went on to release solo singles “Wishing Freestyle,” “Rublow2x,” and “Dumb Dumb,” which garnered attention from the masses. As a result, he drew the attention of Slim, who went on to sign him to the Cash Money Records roster. With his debut single “Blow Muzik,” he ushers in this new era.

Rublow is currently initiating a new chapter for his hometown of Tampa as a new Cash Money Records signee. He’s primed for a breakthrough as a contender cooking up more music for his debut release on Cash Money. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more music and news on the trailblazing talent! For now get familiar with him by checking out our dope interview below.

Rublow Slides Through KAZI Magazine!

  • Hey Rublow! Thank you so much for taking the time out with me today to chop it on behalf of KAZI Magazine! Before we get into your new inked deal, new music and more, let’s bring it back to the beginning and tap into your artistry. What’s your creative process like? Do you put pen to pad or punch in and out? 

“I used to write a lot in my teen years. But, now it’s kind of second nature to me so I usually don’t anymore. If it’s something crazy that I know I won’t remember tomorrow, then I write it down to remember. But, for the most part i punch in. I’m pretty much past the writing stage. I write in my brain”. 

  • Next, who or what would you credit your craft to? 

“I credit my craft to God,  My struggle, my son  & myself . Also, I believe my talent is a gift from God so I treat it as such. The struggle gave me a story, my demeanor, my hustle & ambition. My son Is what keep me going. I credit myself for my writing skills. It’s been with me since I can remember because I was always a good storyteller”.

  • Growing up in a creative and artistically advanced family with Kitty Daniels as a grandmother, how would you say that has influenced your craft? What elements would you say you embody most? 

“I think me having a grandmother like that Helped develop my ear & help me with my hooks & Melodies. Like I can hear the tiniest flaw in a song When something off my ear can’t ignore it. Not trying to be cocky, but I often hear that my hooks sound like radio songs. I would say what I adopted from my grandma kinda helped that”. 

Tampa Talent

  • I actually recently moved back from Tampa after living out there for a few years. While I was there I was tapped into the music scene with Wild94.1, 95.7 The Beat, LoudOn7th and others. But, with my experience Tampa has trouble putting the city on the map and showing love to fellow artists in the city. There’s soo much talent in Tampa but too much ego as well. Would you agree?

Yes I would agree & that’s why I stay in my lane. I never seeked support from my city cause of that reason.

  • Also, do you have any advice for the aspiring artists coming out of the city?

“Keep God first and just keep going. Stay focused and be unapologetically you”.

  • First and foremost, congratulations on penning your deal with Cash Money Records! Love to see it! What was that call like and how did the dope opportunity come about? 

“Thank you. I appreciate it—that call was a dream come true. Felt like a blessing from the sky. My manager already had an established relationship with Slim. He sent him my music and slim took a liking to it and hit my line.  The rest is history”. 

“Blow Muzik”

  • In celebration, you recently released your sampled-single “Blow Muzik” pulled from Lil Wayne’s “Hustler Musik”, could you tell us more behind the inspiration? 

“Besides Wayne being one of my Fav Rapperswith me being On Cash money I saw the perfect opportunity to pay homage. It relates to my day to day life Back home in Tampa”. 

  • Also, some may not know but while building buzz, you co-wrote and featured on “KISS!” from Anwar Hadid’s 2019 debut album, Bleach. Do you write for other artists often or normally just your own music? 

“I don’t often write for others but would like to moving forward”.

  • Gearing up a new era under Cash Money, are there any artists on your collaborations wishlist?

“Wayne, Drake , Nicki, Birdman, Future. Glorilla, Doechii, Moneybagg yo, Cardi b. Ed Sheeran, Burna boy, Central Cee, Rihanna, Jay z, Etc…”

What’s Next For Rublow?

  • Eager to hear more about you and everything you have going on… what’s next for Rublow for the remaining 2022 going into 2023? 

“Just locking in Creating good music keeping my foot on they necks man it’s only up from here”. 

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“Thank y’all for the support! There’s much more to come. I love y’all God bless”. 



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