RRose RRome Introduces “Balenciaga”

RRose RRome is back with a freestyle, as he returns to music, after taking a little break (due to a bit of jail time). He’s flowing on “Balenciaga” a track, that flipped Suzanne Vega’s ’80s hit “Tom’s Diner..”  This is something loose for the supporters, and GQ Beats produced it.  

About RRose RRomeBrooklyn emcee RRose RRome has been a silent threat for years. He’s received thousands of online streams, been hosting events in NYC, and performing alongside Hip-Hop’s elite for a few years. He’s worked with Grammy-nominated producers like MPhazes and Maurice Ager. Without a label backing, indie artist RRome can be heard and seen on Music ChoiceMTV, and your favorite mix shows via NYC’s Power 105 and Hot 97. Recently, RRome created a viral storm with his freestyle, Draco, featuring Chris Brown. The freestyle hit every online Mp3 and DJ hub. Plays have exceeded 300k, across the board of various influencer and consumer accounts via YouTube, AudioMack, and Soundcloud. For the rest of the year, look out for more tracks, more shows, and more surprise collaborations. When he says, “I take this seriously,” believe him.

Check it out below.

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