Rozay Da Youngsta Is Rising Up On The Southern Side Of Hip Hop

Rozay Da Youngsta happens to be one of the youngest in charge in the most notorious cities for Hip-Hop, Atlanta. The rapper was raised in East Point where he is well respected for his influence and is set to be an artist to watch out for at the top of the year! Already making notoriety for his most requested single “Chopstickz“, the track has won music reviews all over the industry with his other biggest single “Out Tha Pot” being broken on air at Streetz 94.5 by the infamous radio duo Ferrari Simmons and Fly Guy DC.

Rozay Is On The Rise

As an independent artist the amount of work that must be done is never ending! From marketing to recording, even figuring out what your next outfit will be on stage is a mission! Sometimes it can even be discouraging when you are putting so much effort into your brand, and you do not get the results you often want at first try. For Rozay, this lifestyle is for the long run, and he is determined to push through the challenges thrown his way. If a deal comes along it will have to make sense as well as dollars for the lyrical MC.

“I don’t really care to sign, but if the deal is good enough, I will most likely sign. Being independent comes with a lot more that you must do alone, so there is good and bad with that as well.”

Rozay da youngsta



His most requested single “Chopstickz” resonates well with all who hear it. The backstory of how it was created is a normal everyday artist adventure. Not only is the song catchy, but the East Point native really thought ‘outside the box’ on the video concept. As a result, he produced a whole Chinese warrior treatment complete with high quality effects.

I was just in the studio vibing one afternoon. I was like 3 to 4 songs in, and my ex-manager Chino Dollar called and told me we needed a club record! I found a beat that I liked and was just saying stuff at first trying to get the feel for it. Then from there the words just came out. It was not written or anything, just straight what was on my mind.

                                                           – Rozay da youngsta

During his down time when he is not performing, he is very laid back and reserved. With a creative mindsight he designs virtual items that he also earns income for to fund his music career. Although Rozay admits to being somewhat of an antisocial person in real life, once you get to know him, he is very down to earth. He is also kind of silly, making him easy to be around. Not one to have many pet peeves, he does admit to being afraid of heights! 

Overall, the rapper plans to finish the year off strong with his team! In doing so, he will be putting some heavy marketing behind his hit singles “Chopstickz” and “Out Tha Pot“. He is always willing to work with other talents in the music industry so tap in! Lastly, press play on “Girls Gone Bad” and let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine.



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