ROTHEJEWELER: Raps New Powerhouse Claiming His Spot

There’s an abundance of advice everywhere on how to follow your passion, turn it into a fulfilling career, and become successful from it. ROTHEJEWELER says he’s heard it all, and while some of it works, it is important to take this advice on a case-to-case basis. The budding rapper says that what works for one person might yield the opposite result for someone else. And being in the music industry taught that to him early.

ROTHEJEWELER has had a passion for music for as long as he can remember. He has a knack for freestyle rap bouts. When he breaks into a freestyle, you can see the passion and love for music written all over his face. However, it hasn’t been an easy journey, especially making music in a different language.

Yet, ROTHEJEWELER is thankful for the universality of music. He says that the lack of language barriers in the musical world is a welcome blessing in the art form. Was it an easy decision to follow his passion? RO says it wasn’t, but he knew nothing else would fulfill him quite as much. He further states that if you hesitate in following your calling, maybe it is yet to become your true passion.

“The beauty of music lies in that it helps you express yourself,” says the rapper. “You get to explore feelings and emotions through music that you may have otherwise kept locked.” RO has found that his pursuit of music has given him an outlet and helped him better understand himself.

This is not to say that pursuing music is challenge-free. RO details that he has faced several challenges while following his passion, and criticism and rejection sit at the top of that list. ROTHEJEWELER urges all musicians and aspiring artists to rise above this rejection and believe in their craft enough to keep pushing forward. “Let your passion show you the way,” he says.

The reward of remaining steadfast in your pursuit of music is indescribable. The rising superstar feels ecstatic to be walking the journey and growing in his musical reach. “Touching hearts and providing an outlet for people is a reward worth all the hardships and sacrifices,” he says.

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