Rossina Grieco Sheds Light On Her Creative Process As A Leading Pianist

Rossina Grieco began her journey to an award-winning concert pianist at the age of four. The American Italian-Chinese musician was born to musical parents and grew up with opera, classical, and chamber music. She has been highly praised for her composure and mind-boggling keyboard skills. 

Just a few years after beginning her career, Grieco received international acclaim. She made her formal debut with the San Diego Symphony when she was eight years old. Grieco is the winner of the  Ihnatowycz Prize, one of North America’s most prestigious piano awards. Other accolades have been awarded from iconic institutions such as Julliard and the Escuela Superior de Música de Reina Sofía. Critics have lauded her comprehensive understanding of composers’ mindsets and dramatic sense of timing.

Part of Grieco’s creative process is fully connecting herself to music. Her passion for fitness has proven beneficial for the physical demands of her craft as Grieco exercises daily, often adhering to a boot camp-style program. She complements this with a clean diet and meditates to find higher consciousness in the pieces she performs. These elements culminate into a greater sense of purpose for Grieco, which she brings to the concert stage.

This remarkable young pianist believes in studying scores to understand their composers’ artistic and creative processes. Grieco strives to understand their visions and seamlessly merge them into her own to create a truly unique interpretation of the world’s most incredible music. Like many other artistic icons, Grieco believes in being spontaneous, taking risks, and never apologizing for how she does things. 

Bringing her stunning talents to some of the most famous venues in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Rossina Grieco is just getting started on what promises to be a dazzling career. 

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