Ross Taxin Returns With “My South African Plug”

When it comes to the trap game, Ross Taxin is a veteran. Now he has to switch gears and put on his rap hat in his new single “My South African Plug” featuring former Young Money/Cash Money Records, DJ Evil Empire. Ross Taxin freestyles seriously for 1:30, and spits hard hitting punchlines about his time finessing pill heads, making money off pressing, and meeting customers at fast-food restaurants to deliver orders. In fact, he’s made so much money off of finessing the internet for narcotics, saying 

“That’s just how we were gettin’ it in 2019, a million pills =  million dollars, it’s a million dollar trap.” 

Delivering his second visual of the summer, “My South African Plug” is a playful tribute to his former lifestyle and drug connections.  However, while rapping about the benefits of living that lifestyle appearing successful, Ross Taxin just came home from experiencing the lows of that fast life.

In 2019, Ross Taxin was enjoying a promising music career, attended music courses, marketed and collaborated with the top Atlanta A-list hip-hop acts while funding everything with the profits from narcotics. However, a traffic stop in Fayetteville interrupted that motion, and it led to 18 months of incarceration for drug intent. In a reality-checking moment, Ross Taxin reflects on the time he spent in incarceration, quoting 

“I had to use that time to turn my lemons into champagne”. 

Ross Taxin took his words to heart, as he began to reinvent himself as an artist. He even changed his rap name from Rossaford Bennett III to Ross Taxin. He fell in love with the pen and paper, spending hours formulating new ideas. Writing lyrics and planning his return to the rap game. 

Following his release, the rising rhymer has finally settled down and got back into the groove of things.  His new approach to Hip-Hop is “trapping” out the rap game. Although he’s no longer involved in illegal activity, he comments on his new “trap”, commenting 

“We not on that no more, We just rap about it to monetize differently now. Now we flip shows. Now we flip marketing packages for indie artists who’re trying to invest in their career. Even got a few e-commerce businesses. I was with my other side of the family. I didn’t know there were other ways of making fast money. ” He plans to use his past experiences in his music to capitalize and grow his influence on the growing drug trap genre. 

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to his YouTube channel! For now, press play on the new sizzling single “My South African Plug”!


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