Ropa Ricch Dominating Every Avenue of the Culture with Ricchezza

Ropa Ricch is taking the Italian meaning of wealth to new levels with his clothing brand Ricchezza. Authenticity is a hard objective to keep in today’s time with social media, but Ropa Ricch has found a way to create a brand that means much more than fashion. The Chicago native has worked with various artists over the years and even professional athletes. 

Over time Ricchezza has become one of the most exclusive and notable streetwear brands within the hip hop industry, with many artists like Jacquees, Young Thug, Lil Durk, Dej Loaf, and Gunna wearing Ricchezza pieces. From Chicago to Atlanta, Ropa Ricch has definitely made his mark in the fashion industry by his unique path to success. “The brand is for the young, motivated, and ambitious adults,” stated Ropa. With each clothing drop, Ricchezza’s social media presence increases which means that the streets like what it sees from the brand itself. The only way is up for Ricchezza with every single clothing line release from here on out.

So, I asked Ropa Ricch about his beginnings and what gravitated him to fashion, and he stated that his style had to be right for the women. “Females, it was really the females when I was in school. I just put my fits together to impress them”. This hobby soon turned into a passion that would take Ropa Ricch on a wildly successful ride to the top.

Photo Courtesy of Ricchezza

What is Ricchezza? Is it just a clothing line or a way of life?

Ricchezza is definitely a way of life. Everything is organic, and it is ready to sell it is literally a lifestyle. When you buy Gucci, it’s a status attached to that label. And with Ricchezza, I want it to represent a way of life when someone buys it.  

You grew up around a few well known artists in the Chicago area; how did you find yourself around these Chicago artists?

Me and Chance The Rapper had mutual homies together. That’s how the 10-day mix tape Ricchezza collab came together. I was able to design his tour merchandise.

How was your experience at Clark Atlanta University? 

“Clark Atlanta University it was fun just being around and down here (Atlanta). I learned about  Psychology and why people want to buy different products”. Marketing and branding tools helped him a lot with Ricchezza. Ropa also talked about how some of the coursework gave him insight into how consumers think when reviewing or purchasing merchandise. His experience at Clark did nothing but sharpen his business savvy mindset.

Did you face any trials and tribulations from the beginning?

Messing up that money, I didn’t have a mentor to put me down, I was my own teacher. It is a big investment contributing to Ricchezza.

How did you build those relationships with Atlanta artists like Gunna (ext.?)

We were supposed to link in Complex con so I got back a month in 2017; after that, they hit me up. They said if you got some pieces to pull up. So, I met them at the studio and eventually they started wearing pieces from the brand.

I know that music helps you to create pieces sometimes; what are you listening to right now?

“Slime language 2” by Young Thug and Ysl just dropped, and I’ve been listening to that. I’ve also been listening to Toosi, Lil Durk, Polo G, and G Herbo.

How do you feel when you see professional athletes wearing Ricchezza? 

Shout my boy K Nunn first off; it goes hand in hand no matter what you do or your profession you are going to relate. Kendrick Nunn and Pj Washington wear Ricchezza. I am mindful of the pieces that I put together especially when it comes to the athletes. They don’t just be around anybody so I make sure that those designs are clean. 

Do you have any advice for upcoming entrepreneurs or creatives? What does the future look like for Ricchezza?

The advice I would give is that you need your own vision and plan it how you want it to look. Stay consistent also. And for the future of Ricchezza, it is only at 25% it’s going to be bigger than big, covid slowed the process. New pieces will be released very soon, this drop is going to be like the ep before the album. 

Be on the look out for new summer releases from Ricchezza!

Courtesy of Ricchezza

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